I’m learning to disperse the shadows.

I’m learning to lay down my pride

to hold pain in my arms.


I’m learning to tell – the unedited truth.

to hear – the raw truth.

to stumble into Grace.


I’m learning how to catch the falling stars.

how to love from the inside out.

to consume a soul cry.


I’m learning to learn.

to embrace the weary.

to ingest the brightness.

to walk away from the familiar.


I’m learning to deny death.

I’m learning to make it right.


I’m learning to believe there is meaning here.

I’m learning to need.

to keep breathing.


I’m learning to play in the deep.

to be still waters.

to inhale strength


I’m learning to need you.

to live unoccupied.

to trust.


I’m learning to be all.

to have all.

to give all.

I’m learning to be the light.




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