What it takes to make it to the top 10%


Get Clients

Be KNOWN in your Niche

Make $

Heal the World


Amanda Frances You want SUCCESS.

Amanda Frances You’ve applied yourself, tried this this this this this and still are not getting the RESULTS you want.

Amanda Frances Life is improving but SUCCESS isn’t happening.

Amanda Frances You’re tired of posting online and no one engages.

Amanda Frances You know if you just have some help you can be top of your market.

Amanda Frances You’re ready to take all you have been through and use it to change lives.

Amanda Frances You are ready for thousands of potential clients to know you, like you and trust you… and buy everything you put out there.

Amanda Frances You’re ready to finally understand how to have a successful, money making coaching business.

I hear you. I get it.

You see other entrepreneurs making 6 & 7 figures and talking about it being easy.
You see other coaches standing out and having a message that is exciting.
You’re ready for all your hard work and investments to pay off.
You’re ready to wake up blogging at the Maui beach.


I’ve been there. I got you.


When I started my business I thought I would just do a couple FB lives and I’d wake up as Oprah. 
(Yes, you can laugh with me on that…)
It was hard to keep trying so many things and having them not work.
I got discouraged and wanted to quit.


I wondered if this was really meant for me.


Looking back I can see how hard work wasn’t going to get me all the things I wanted for me and my family so desperately.


Amanda FrancesDebt free
Amanda Frances Financial freedom
Amanda Frances Beautiful home
Amanda Frances My own schedule
Amanda Frances A life of travel all over the world


I knew what I wanted, I was willing to do what it takes, I just couldn’t figure out what it took to:

Get Clients. Be known. Make $. Heal the World.


I have built a half a million dollar business in less than 2 years from SCRATCH by:

— Knowing what I want
— Doing only the things the business requires of me to reach my goal

— Being myself
— Letting my business be built around my deepest message and what excites me
The business and my tribe keep growing & I help thousands of coaches from all over the world and have fun doing it.

We are here today to help you have the same success I have had, and more.

Now That You’re Ready…

This Is What We Have For You:

12 Weeks of Full-On Support

  • Step by step Business Building every week. 
    Easy and steady.
  • Wealth Mindset Training every week – We rewire your brain to stay in alignment with your new found success building your business every week. This is so powerful.
  • Tech help from our full time VA – so you don’t waste time here and you can spend more time in your zone of genius.
  • Private FB group for questions and support every step of the way

Business Building

  • Nail your Niche / Know your Ideal client
  • How to feel confident in your gifts
  •  Attract High Level Clients that can AFFORD you.
  • Create a Powerful Offer THAT EXCITES YOU!
  • Finally Master Habits of Success that make you $
  • Scheduling for 6/7 Figure business
  • Fastest path to High Paying Clients
  • How to speak to your audience & Run FB Live events that generate $ and raving fans (THE REWIRE!)
  • How to enroll with HEART
  • Objections – Master every angle and call them to more.
  • Meetups, webinars, &  live talks
  • Organize your $
  • How to repurpose your content to make it easy and powerful
  • Sales pages with automation made EASY
  • Setting & Reaching money goals

Wealth Mindset:

  • Finally feel CERTAIN it’s going to work!!

  • Money Mindset – Understand abundance and how to ENJOY building your business and making money.

  • How to be an energetic match for everything you want 

  • Dealing with your partner / family not growing with you

  • Speak up and ask for needs

  • How to feel better NOW

  • Think like a 6/7 figure entrepreneur

  • Get clear about what you want

  • Feel confident in the results you will get for your clients

  • Get it all done without overwhelm

  • How to Up-level everywhere

  • Set and reach big goals

  • How to rebound on your worst days


  • Done for You legal paperwork

  • How to create automatic payment links on Paypal

  • How to hire a VA – what to look for, how to find the right VA for your needs, what to expect from a VA

  • How to build your email list

Erin Fritts, Coach - Simplify and Balance


“Before working with Mandy, my fear was that I wasn’t going to be able to make my business work, that I wasn’t good enough to create what I wanted…And now I am celebrating a $20k month!!”

Catherine Gagnon, Health Coach - Your Inner Garden

I did ACA with Mandy and made $18k in the first 6 weeks. I left my job as an NP and by the end of the program, I was making $24k being a full-time coach!

Dayan Campbell - Coach

“Working with ACA – I went from charging $297, and feeling like that was too much, to launching my first group program and earning $15k!”

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