I am going to share with you the ONE thing that separates those who make their dreams happen, and those who don’t.



This is going to feel like it’s too much for you sometimes.


You are going to doubt if you can really make it to the top 1%, if you can really build your dream life…


You will be tempted to tell yourself a story that a true dream life is only for those other people who are more disciplined, more normal, stronger than you…


You will be tempted to believe that this is so hard and confusing.. and that you’re doing “everything”…



It’s not that this is impossible… it’s just not in alignment with the person you are showing up as right now.


Growth is not a ONE TIME thing.


This is the journey of up-leveling who you are now into the version of you that you want to be…


It is a journey of BECOMING the person capable of everything.


There is one thing for sure I can tell you.. YOU WILL HIT WALLS.




And it is painful to hit that wall.. Some people hit the wall, cry, complain and stay there forever.


Some people hit that wall and simply refuse to be stopped…
they come back again and again and again.


Here’s what happens to you when you keep hitting that wall…



This is the one thing that sets you apart.


We go first, the Universe follows. I SEE HER. She can handle this. She is finally ready, and the flood gates open like you can’t even imagine.



What if the aches you feel inside… are a REVEALING… of a greater purpose meant for you… that your current way of showing up in life will never satisfy… and THAT is the pain you are actually feeling?


It’s actually a KNOWING that you are not being the woman who is making her dreams happen.


This is one of those realizations that are so big it changes everything.


My sacred work is to create leaders that FOLLOW THROUGH & back their dreams.


Are you made for this or are you going to keep screwing around?


Are we “TRYING” or are we just going to do this?

Just a little appreciation for you.  You allowed me to deepen my relationship with myself. You allowed me to see my truth. You make me cry every time I speak to you.  You are an amazing human being.  We Diamond girls are so lucky to have you.  Thank you.  I am no longer available for the old story about failure. 

Sarah van der Steur

Holistic Life Coach

In 2017, I invested in coaching with Mandy Perry.  Within 5 minutes of being on the phone with her, she already had me looking at what was possible. 
When she said, “You are too big for your school board.”
I thought she was crazy. 
When she asked, “Do you want to be an elementary teacher or a coach?”
I knew I wanted to be a coach but I never thought it would be possible. 
The investment was for my life.  If I had let money or fear stop me, I wouldn’t have been a TEDx speaker.  I wouldn’t have transformed thousands of lives. I wouldn’t be back together with my husband and family and so, so much more. 
A life coach sees things in you that you don’t see in yourself. 

Tina Brigley

Life Coach, Tina Brigley Coaching


The only way to reach your dreams is to become a person who is in alignment with your dreams. Our work in this program is to take you through a journey pf adjusting your nervous system to be in alignment with the next level version of you.


This is a process you will do over and over, ever reaching new heights in ALL AREAS of your life.


Closing energy leaks


Clearing limiting beliefs


Dealing with broken promises to ourselves


Facing where we are out of integrity with our dreams


Flushing out sneaky justifications and excuses


This is rewiring our brain to the new level so that it doesn’t require will, rather it is an extension of WHO YOU ARE.




21 days of full on support


Private FB group where Mandy will be LIVE for trainings and Q&A


Support audios & workbooks


A tribe of like-minded people you will become life long friends with.


High energy, breakthroughs, wins, falls, tears, victories, and lots and lots of fun and laughter.


Daily support for every single step of the way. Everyone gets what they need, period.


Every training is recorded and placed in your exclusive membership area, where you’ll have access to it forever.




Pay in Full:  $2,222



– OR –


2 Payments of $1,222



Mandy brings the fire like no mentor I’ve ever worked with. 
Her energy lights me up every day and helps me step into creating the business of my dreams in the most powerful way. I’ve never felt a mentor show up with her whole heart like she does, who truly cares and delivers what I need and then some, tirelessly. She’s devoted to her people and her brilliance heals and transforms. She’s also fun and funny to boot! Love, love, love working with her!

Gina Silvestri

Ghostwriter & Finish-Your-Book Coach, GinaSilvestri.com

Still have questions? 

But Mandy, How do I know it will it work?

When we focus on what it feels and sounds like this…“Will it work? Is it the right for me? What if I don’t make my money back? How is this different from everything else I’ve tried? If I try and fail this again, I won’t be able to stand myself.

As fun as that is… this is really the whole point. Learning to become the person who focuses on WHATS POSSIBLE rather than what if IS the whole point. It is the work. If you struggle with these thoughts, you belong in this program.


I’m busy and already bought a bunch of courses. How much time will I need to invest each week? 

This program is about POWER moves… Not a bunch of frantic work that never needed to be done. The rule is, we don’t do anything or business doesn’t require us to do. 2 hours a week is plenty to maximize this course.


I’m not sure it’s wise to make another investment…

I know it is against tradition thinking of normal 9-5 people. Doing something EPIC in life requires epic bravery.  It can feel reckless to invest especially if you’ve already invested in a bunch of programs and you’ve yet to see a return on those investments.

But this isn’t a how to – this is  CHANGING THE TRAJECTORY OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

This isn’t crystals, books, free webinars, how to insta-fix, and all the other things that take up our time and help us feel better but don’t create the LIFE CHANGING results…. this is the real work.

If you knew you couldn’t fail, and you would become one of the top 1% in the industry making 7 figures… how insignificant would this investment be? And in 10 years, will how much it took you to get there have mattered?



Q:  How do I reach you if I have questions?

** You may reach us at support@mandyperry.com for any questions you have about this program, logging into the Member Center, or any technical questions.

Q:  Are training videos recorded for replay later?

** Yes – you can access all trainings for this program in the Facebook Group or in the membership area of the site.


I obviously do not guarantee specific results. I know what is available for you if you are ready to show up. I have watched hundreds of coaches get results from this work, but you are required to do the work and actually participate actively in the program. I don’t guarantee increased income. Results may not be typical of all students.


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