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   Every client I have ever coached who embodies this makes more money, has more fun, and creates bigger impact.

We have a TON of fun strengthening & celebrating together.

This is how we truly transform lives.




Daily Facebook Lives to start your day with massive support & community.
Live trainings
Opportunity to be coached 1:1
10% discounts on all programs




And if you don’t agree, we will refund your $97. No questions asked.

It is a container to be IN my energy.

It is courageous action.

It is how we get ourselves to take the Brave action NOW, not “tomorrow”.

It is living life coming from how we can create unbelievable value for our humans.



It’s daring to have a huge vision so that we give God/Universe permission to do it.

It’s relentless giving and allowing.

It’s knowing when we are 95 looking back we know we left it allllllllll on the table 

And most importantly, it’s community.
It’s doing it together.
It’s friendships, networking, and celebrating together.

It’s meant to be a steady place of support & love no matter how big we go, or how badly we get our asses kicked.

This is for men & women… it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or crushing $100k months



Anyone ready to make lots of $ through love and service…

Anyone ready to embody their actual power and see what their really made of…

Anyone ready to drop into a deeper steadiness and consistency…

Anyone ready to play a big game and let it feeeel good…

Anyone who hears my voice well and thrives in my energy…

Anyone just curious what this whole life is…







After you join you will receive an email with a link to join the private FB group. We would LOVE to have you!

If you are experiencing financial hardship please email




Remember, It was ALWAYS YOU.

Love you
Mandy xx


Q:  How do I reach you if I have questions?

** You may reach us at for any questions you have about this program, logging into the Member Center, or any technical questions.

Q:  Where can I access the trainings for this program? 

** For live programs, all content is first dropped into the exclusive Facebook group for the program, and then added to the membership area of the website.  It is also emailed to you.

** For self-study, pre-recorded programs, the content is always in the membership area of the site, where you may access it forever and can revisit any training you want, at any time.  


I obviously do not guarantee specific results. I know what is available for you if you are ready to show up. I have watched hundreds of coaches get results from this work, but you are required to do the work and actually participate actively in the program. I don’t guarantee increased income. Results may not be typical of all students. Protection Status

I know…. A bit ballsy.
But it is what it is.

It doesn’t matter if you are making the lowest you have ever made or you are turned up, healing the world and receiving millions.

This is how you generate a lot of money NOW.

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