Why You Don’t Stay Motivated - Mandy Perry

If you are intentional and deliberate about your dreams… they happen.

So many clients tell me they just need more motivation.. they don’t understand how I am always motivated.


Our brains are designed for us to avoid doing things that are scary, or uncomfortable or difficult… our brains are trying to keep us alive…

But in order to change… in order to build this business… in order to live to your true potential and build the life of your dreams… you have to do things that scare you, that make you uncomfortable…


Every single day… if you do a little… you wake up in a life where your vision is your reality.

What is going to separate you from everybody else is that you will do this work we are doing and when opportunity comes your way, you are prepared and ready for it.

The opportunity doesn’t pass you by because you are focused on what if, how hard it is, comparing yourself, distracted and unorganized…

You are focused, organized and on your A-game.

You are ready.

You are teaching your brain how to know that A-game brings safety.

It’s not the select few that succeed and have this 6/7 figure, travel the world debt free business, it’s the ones who are consistent in the small things, and are willing to fail to reach greatness..

Its the ones who have less excuses, procrastinate less, and make decisions, them make those decisions right.

When you do this.. when you show up with BRAVE consistent IMPERFECT action, when you do the basic fundamentals instead of skipping them looking for something GRANDER.. you get RESULTS

And there is NOTHING more motivating than results.


Be the person who does the little things that improve your life… consistently.

Be the person who learned from those who have accomplished what you want to accomplish.

Be the one who takes brave committed action rather than procrastinating.

This is yours for the taking, nothing is holding you back but you <3