The BS 6-Figure Female Coaches Don’t Buy Into - Mandy Perry

It’s an intense thing… being a creator, an entrepreneur… in a culture that promotes SAMENESS.

…Intense. Painful. Confusing. Exhausting.

You want to be a coach? That’s not realistic. You don’t even have all your own shi* together yet. Who are you to offer help to others?
Fall in line girl.

He treats you like crap? It’s your own fault because you aren’t more steady with your emotions. You don’t say things rationally. You need to fall in line with this … straight… line… of…. emotions.

You feel sexy in that dress? You’ll make men want you and that makes you a slut. Desperate. Hide your sexy, or at least pretend like you don’t notice you’re fkg beautiful.

You think religious scare tactics is BS? You’d better be quiet, you’ll take you and everyone you love to hell with you.

You don’t want to jam your kids into the box that is public education? You’d better know what you’re doing or your kid will be a misfit, unsocialized, creature.

You want to have wealth, travel the world, live in a beautiful home? What about the poor kids? You’ll change. You’ll be like “THEM”. Be happy with what you have. You’re greedy to want more.

You need to be small.
You need to be quiet.
Stand out and you’ll get whats coming to you.
You need to look like everyone else.

“That must be nice!”

Keep your pain to yourself, don’t be the negative, weird one. Keep it about politics and weather. “I’m good, you?”

Use your $ for your kids and for a rainy day, not to invest in yurself.

You’re spending what on yourself?
You want to invest what on a coach? You’re getting taken for.

You should just quit.

You don’t know business.
You don’t know enough.
You don’t have a degree.
You don’t get how this works.

You take too much time away from the kids.
You don’t go to PTA meetings?? GAH!
If you don’t do it who will??
If you want it done right, do it yourself.

All they care about is $
Who charges prices like that?
No one will pay for that.
There’s no market for that.

If you help people you should not be charging.

WTF….?? And we wonder WHY very few coaches ever see 6 figures, nevermind 7.

It’s time we start to see through this BS.
The religious BS
The cultural BS
The generational BS
Moms BS, Our best friends BS, Work BS, Neighbors BS, Uncles BS, “Them” BS,


And it’s up to you to decide this.

A decision isn’t a decision unless you’ve taken action on it.
(T Robbins)

When we feel the anxiety, fear, overwhelm, depression… this is your body’s ways of telling you that you are buying into a belief that is dishonoring to you… that is aggravating you.

It’s a compass.

It’s a compass telling you that you have bought into someone else’s BS and your body is rejecting it. It’s up to you to honor your body and reject it as well.

Reject the BS and embrace what excites you, lights you up, and motivates you. It will also be the very thing that scares the sh** out of you.

This is the wild ride we long for.
This is the OPPOSITE of depression.

What leap are you ready to make today?

What is the ONE thing that you can do to take a step in that direction?
You got this.

As my kids know… my mantra is
“Whatever actually works – DO THAT.”


Love you.