Fastest Way to Grow - Mandy Perry

“There is only one thing I dread: not to be worthy of my sufferings.” Fyodor Dostoevsky

Our emotions are sufferings until we can see them, feel them, & own them.
Experiences create emotions.
Emotions control all of life and add deeper meaning to life.

What’s the problem with this??
We are raised in a culture that tells us it’s SELFISH to experience things.

We long for adventure, travel, freedom, fun… yet a voice inside tells us it’s selfish to take the time and money to invest in ourselves for these experiences.. Or maybe that it’s a SIN to go experience things.

How often we are just flying through life listening to old voices in our head that have NOTHING to do with who we really are… or what’s REALLY possible for us.

Inner freedom CANNOT be lost.
What do you need today to create that INNER FREEDOM for yourself?

Are you isolating?
Believe you’re not worthy of FREEDOM & ADVENTURE?
Are you leaving people behind if you thrive and SHINE?
Is stepping boldly into the life that you want taking from others?
Do You need to accomplish just ONE more thing before you can finally start LIVING??

Fun is for LATER.. Too much to doooooooo

To be worthy of my sufferings… to have enjoyed life to the fullest because I know what suffering is and I refuse to let it all be for naught.

I will not wait.
I will LEAP at the opportunity to fill my dreams NOW because tomorrow never comes.
I take bold action to THRIVE so my children learn how to do this too, they watched mommy.

“The last of human freedoms is to choose one’s own way.” – Viktor Frankl


— You want financial freedom… what are you going to do to uplevel your mindset to grow into the woman it took to get there?

— You want to be debt free? Invest in a way that you KNOW will 10x your life and income.

— You want to travel the world? GO NOW. EXPERIENCE LIFE and let it teach you all you’re meant to learn and grow into. There is nothing to replace this.

— You want to have friends and people who actually celebrate your crazy ass and your crazy ass BOLD moves?? Find a tribe of like minded entrepreneurs and BE WITH THEM.
Love on THEM.

Life is happening sister.
This year will pass either way.
You in or you out?


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