Dealing With Overwhelm as an Entrepreneur - Mandy Perry

If you stay focusing on HOW to hit 6 figures, you might hit it – but you will NOT enjoy the process.

YOU ALREADY KNOW THIS, you just don’t realize it.

Think about this… When your kid comes in the room and you’re all stressed out… You instantly think… “UGH! They’re interrupting me again! I can never get time I need to get my ish done!”… so you are cranky to them…


When you are resting on a Fri night and same child comes over to talk and you smile and reach for them thinking, ”Omg shes so damn cute I can’t even stand it… I miss her faceeeeee!”

We can see this clearly with family… you don’t constantly focus on HOW DO I BE A MOTHER? How do I do bedtime…

What book do you reads your kid?

What time do you put them to bed?

What nickname do you call them?

How much time per day do you spend talking to them about staying safe? 30 min? 35 min?

What do you pack them for lunch?

This would be insane and we would have a good laugh together lol

BUT THIS IS WHAT NEW ENTREPRENEURS DO, and seasoned ones who are still overwhelmed and hating the process.

Do you see??

It’s NOT ABOUT HOW. I mean it’s really friggin not.

You could pay me thousands for my coaching and I could teach you every single HOW and you’d know EXACTLY how I got to where I am in my business…

And you’d hate life. You’d be a carbon copy of ME and your audience would feel something was off with you and they’d likely find and sign with ME not you. You’d have done great prep work for me lol

Sure I’ll teach you how to position yourself and strategies…


What is success if it doesn’t come with REAL FREEDOM?

Real freedom comes from being YOURSELF. Knowing yourself, being true to yourself.

It comes from tuning into what YOU want to create, and them following through with that.

It comes when we stop trying to chase and FIND and we start to ATTRACT.

We do this by FOCUSING ON OUR VISION, our DREAMS, our WHY…

And letting the people you’re meant to connect with connect with you.

This disrupts “normal”

This is how you UNLEASH your true purpose and live your destiny.

I promise you, another free webinar, another how to program, another tech piece accomplished, a complicated sales funnel system of BS, another investment in someone scaring you into signing up… WILL NOT BRING YOU TRUE FREEDOM.

This comes from knowing WHO YOU ARE.

Believing you are WORTHY to have your wildest dreams.

Allowing yourself to FEEL how you want to feel.


Trusting your intuition and instincts

Chasing the thing that makes your soul say YES!!!

Some of you will hear this and it will start to break through the BS – I HAVE TO DO DO DO TO HAVE … and you’ll start to understand its a journey of BEING… FEELING.. THEN doing and taking massive action AFTER we are aligned.

This is the journey of a 6/7 figure entrepreneur… like it or not.

This is the work I do with my clients.. Sure we have a step by step business building system, but that’s not the important work. We do that to free them up to do the really important work.

Be careful of people who try to tell you their one tech way is the ONLY WAY TO DO SOMETHING.

I built my entire business doing crazy shit no one thought would work, mentors told me not to do because it would be too hard.. I outgrew my mentors fast because they were just teaching how to – do this and this and this and this and this (BS)

You will find a mentor that you will stay with for life once you truly understand this concept here and find a tribe that operates out of WHY not HOW. (I wish someone had told me this lol)

So sister.. WHY are you doing this?

What dream are you creating?

What means so much to you that you will get your ass out of bed in the morning and do something new today?

What means so much to you that you will invest heavily in learning to stay in this new higher level path?

What’s going to stop you from shifting to this?

What resources or experiences do you want to pull in for yourself to make this happen?



We’re gonna make it sister! We’re gonna make it. Together.

See you in Bali.




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