A 6 figure business in 5 hours a week is BS… - Mandy Perry

I hear this a lot.
It’s not really true that you make 6 figures only working 5 days a week… So let me break this down for you… integrity is important ya?

Each week I HAVE TO work 5 hours a week.
Sort of like a boss who says you have to be here or you are fired.
These 5 hours are the times I have committed to showing up to my clients.

In this 5 hours, my coaching is done.

If I chose to – I could hire people to do everything else.


BUT I’d never do that and here’s why.


Tech knowledge is quickly becoming the most valuable knowledge on the planet.

The rest of the world is getting online.

You want to be in on that wave.

BILLIONS of people are online scrolling around looking for help with their problems.

[bctt tweet=”Tech knowledge is quickly becoming the most valuable knowledge on the planet.” username=”msmandyperry”]


WHY wouldn’t I learn tech?

That’s just me. Another in my shoes may just love a quarter million and call it a day.
I don’t see myself ever stopping because there will always be people suffering.

Tonight, for example, I stayed up creating a webinar for my new platform. A tech platform that’s going to enable my company to support people even while I sleep. THAT’S BAD-ASS.


It’s also going to enable me to make $ while I sleep. Win-Win.


I stayed up until midnight and will work hard all day tomorrow and then I get to take a couple days off.
Or I won’t—because I do whatever the hell I want—EXCEPT for those 5 hours.

Make sense?

I work hard at what I do because I am driven to connect with the women that need me. I am driven to be a woman who created such a massive wave of healing and sense of worthiness that this era felt a direct impact from it.

That’s not work—that’s passion, purpose, that’s FIRE…DRIVE…And a life well lived.

So you could say it’s BS…
If so… I eat, sleep & breathe BS. lol