Taking a leap of faith to find financial freedom - Mandy Perry

I want to have financial freedom, but I can’t afford a mentor, and my clients can’t afford me.

This is the thing I hear the MOST often.

And I love that I hear it because I am the right person to have this conversation with.

If you knew that you would be a millionaire in 2 years if you came up with $7k right now… would you come up with the $7k??

Would you try different things to make that $7k happen if you were guaranteed to have a 7 figure business in 2 years?

  • Would a Facebook live be so scary?
  • Would a fundraiser, or selling your old Louis Vuitton be so ridiculous?
  • Would letting people know your offer be so hard?
  • Would shouting from the rooftops to everyone around you to stop playing small and put there $ where their unmet dreams are so uninviting?
  • Would you start to speak your truth -say something that sets you apart?
  • Would you feel different about what’s available for you in life??

Would Financial Freedom seem that far away?



I hope you can hear my words.




You can’t fall off the floor… it’s not like you can get much poorer than I was when I made my first investment happen.

It wasn’t luck.

It wasn’t because I have some special quality.

It wasn’t discipline.

It was a sheer leap of faith and determination to take my first step against the TIDAL WAVE of fear and the SCREAMING voice in my head that said I was worthless. The screaming voice that said, “You can’t do this.”

Before I found my own financial freedom, I listened to the voice of fear that said to me:

“Up until now all you have ever been able to make is $400 a week – what the FAHKK makes you think you can do any better than that now? You’re going to make this investment and your family is literally going to go hungry because of you. You’re not THAT girl. You’re the white trash girl that people do what they want with and discard. You’re the girl that no one saves. You’re the girl that is easy to make fun of. You can’t outgrow this, this is just who you are, so go drink your wine, watch Dr. Phil and stop pretending to be some kind of leader.”



That screaming voice almost deafened me…

And any other woman who has ever defied the odds, made it out of a co-dependent relationship and found her financial freedom, any woman who has been molested and beaten, any woman who has known what it feels like to be hurt and no one did anything to stop it, EVERY MOTHER, every person who has known poverty… and has brought themselves out of the FIRE with buckets of water for everyone else stuck in it…..


So even though I WANT to hear how you can’t because of $… Because that’s the only way I can find you and help you… I DON’T WANT TO FAKIN HEAR IT.


You aren’t alone.

This is yours for the taking

Life is rigged for the BOLD.

You are worthy to have all this and SO MUCH MORE

I’m so sorry any of these things ever happened to you, AND – it’s now become your strength.

Anyone who can get through all the shit you have been through can most DEFINITELY learn how to make a few bucks to take the first step in making her dreams come true.

We aren’t coming out with buckets any more sisters… we are the FAKIN OCEAN.

The old tidal wave used to drown us and now we ARE THE FAKIN OCEAN.

We rise together, we fall together, we grow together, we heal together, we ARE THE FAKIN OCEAN TOGETHER.

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