You Said Yes! - Mandy Perry

What if experiencing something that stretches your comfort zone helped you KNOW YOURSELF.

Who are you?
Why are you here?

If you could only leave one message with the world, what would it be?

What’s your legacy?

What if avoiding doing all these things that seem scary is the VERY thing leaving you NOT KNOWING YOURSELF?

How do you want to feel?

Waking up in a foreign land of smiling people.. Sun glowing in the sky.. Birds chirping and the smell of incense and flowers in the air.

Take a shower and head up to the rooftop of the resort to get some breakfast and overlook the city… Strange music in the background… Beautiful. Whose life is this!?

You know you’re about to change… you’re about to flower into this new best version of you. You’ve always known you were meant for more. You feel like the little scared you is starting to feel safe to go play and enjoy this wild ass journey.

You see some other women.. You don’t know them but they must be here… If they’re here they must be cool.. If they like Mandy we like them! (lol)

I feel the old me wanting to isolate.. Look away (fak I dont have my cell phone…)

I hear the birds and see a monkey scatter away playing.. And I decide fk it… I am ready to be with people… I BELONG. And you feel it… It is deep… this deep sense of BELONGING.

They come over and sit down and smile as excited and nervous as you are and you exhale…

This. THIS is how I want to live.

In excitement, in AWE… TOGETHER.

Growing, healing, and being in it with others the same as me.

This is the beginning of embracing ME.

Loving ME.

THIS is what it feels like to Answer the Call.

“I’m ready now.” you say.

“I know.” God says. ?

(Then along comes this crazy 6 ft blond woman, eyes lit up like fire, just over the top excited to HUG you and celebrate your bravery and FINALLYYYY get to meet you and get to know YOU!!!)


Let’s do this together sister!!!!

See you in Bali.





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