Mandy, How Do You Stay So Motivated? - Mandy Perry

“Mandy, how do you stay so motivated?”

Loads of people ask me this question.

This is also part two to yesterdays short and sweet blog post. (Check it out HERE if you missed it)

So many people are having the experience of trying THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS Then ONE LITTLE BREAK THROUGH.. Yay!

Then you try this this this this this this and this and this… and one more little breakthrough!

Only you haven’t gotten anywhere near the results you are trying to get .. so you feel burned out, overwhelmed, frustrated.. And you end up wondering how other people stay so motivated.

Here is my big secret. #behindthescenes


I let myself do things that excite me.


I give myself permission to stop doing the things that feel like I am forcing myself to do them.


And I stay close to the mentors who keep me on track with this… and run screaming from the ones who make me feel like I have to do a bunch of crazy shit that overwhelms me.


My Motto is this – Only do the shit your business requires you to do.


And I teach this every single day to my girls.


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I built my business serving the shit out of my clients and doing a free enrollment call, and doing it in a way where the person on the phone knows damn well that if they want this they can have it and can see exactly what they get to do to have it if they truly want it. (This is exactly what I teach my clients in the ACA groups) because it works… and i felt a HUGE sense of giving back from doing these….


Until I didnt.

The day came recently that doing them felt overwhelming and not fun anymore.

So I stopped.


I became an expert and now I teach how to do it – and I have outgrown that place.


“But omg! That’s how my whole business was built! Who would sign with me without that call.. They need help getting to the place where they know they can do it and I have to help them get there.”


There’s the shit voice. The little shit voice that likes to try to keep us doing only the things that we HAVE to do or else we will die miserable and alone.

It’s BS.

As if it’s true that I have to get other powerful women to the place where they will invest in themselves and go for it with both feet in.


There are women who do need help getting there, and I am teaching my girls how to help those women.


There are also women who know how to get themselves there and will SELF SELECT and seek me out because they KNOW like they know I will bring them with me.

They see the value I give – the openness and the results.


This was the good ol’ – I’ll save everyone – no man left behind shit that came up when I first started and charged $2k instead of $350 for my first 90 day coaching package.


New level SAME SHIT.


Luckily… once you work through it once you learn to sniff it out a lot easier.


So I ask myself – is it really true that everyone needs me to carry them to the initial investment in themselves?

Is it really true that I will be leaving people behind?




Then what is true?


There is abundance for everyone.


My team is more than capable to serve the women showing up on the calls – they are powerful people who truly care about the welfare and growth of our clients MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE.

There is the right mentor and support for everyone who is ready to do the work.


My service is of MASSIVE value and thank GOD I have done the work and showed up and answered the call of my soul so I can now support the women who are truly ready to support other people.

This is it. This is how we are going to truly heal the world.

I do my part and let God do his/ Universe do hers.


I do what lights me up and excites me and trust the process.




You just….. Begin.

How will you know what you are made of if you never try to fly.

How will you ever know how madly AMAZING you are and how WILDLY loved and supported you are if you keep playing small and controlling it all.



You are FREE.

Time to fly.