The Fear of Doing It All Alone - Mandy Perry

That fear….

If you are anything like me – you do it yourself because that’s the only way it gets done right. You have a fear of letting anyone else in to help, because…

It’s frickin’ scary!

If you don’t do it no one will.

(And if they do it’s done like shit – and usually makes more work for you.)


I lived this way for wayyyy tooo long.



Even talking about it now wears me out.


This is what I know about this now – after going through all the craziness, the business has allowed me to go through this wild-ass adventure of a lifetime lol.



I’ll never go back there again.

It was overwhelming, scary, hard, and lonely to do it all alone.


I was always lonely. I was around people sometimes and still lonely.

There was no deep sense of “in it together.”

My finances were separate from my fiance/husband.


My business was solo-run. I did every single thing myself.

There was this fear that if I gave away others’ names I would not be relevant anymore.

I had this belief that people were going to take advantage of me if I let them “help”.


I thought others were going to “take me down with them” if I let them enter my machine of a life.



I tried to find my way out, but the truth is the first mentor I ever paid a lot of money to mentor with – had this same pattern kicking his ass.

(Vulnerable share) He came to me when I was trying to learn and told me not to steal their clients… little ol’ me who had no real success yet, and was just trying to learn how to feed my kids some organic food at the time…


This pattern of SCARCITY is so very real.

We are ALL just human.

Not one of us is above our shit.

And it’s kicking a lot of amazing people’s asses, so you are far from alone on this, sister.

We all struggle with this.


For me it took someone doing it to me to be able to see it. It was so shocking and hard to deal with at the time but it turns out it was a HUGE blessing. Like… huge.


No one was teaching me or rather… modeling for me how to be TRULY ABUNDANT.




So I searched and finally found some other people who seemed to have this doing it together thing FOR REAL.

Not just pretending for a marketing ploy.


Here were the rewards of all of this:



I feel like I am only scratching at the surface of what’s truly available, but I’m there not finally.

I’ve got a team that works for me doing things and FRIGG!!! They do half the shit better than me and faster! Imagine that HAHAHAH


Collaborating with other women who truly live TOGETHER & ABUNDANCE.


Paying mentors HUGE amounts of money just to do it together with them.


Sharing a FINANCIAL account with my HUSBAND. Lol


This was all the same shit. All of it

Marriage to hiring a team.


This is what I want to say to you.

It’s amazing over here.

It sucked back in “do it myself world.”


It doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

You deserve people in it with you – rooting you along – that you actually trust.

They won’t be perfect, they won’t do it like you do – but they will get it 80% there… and how amazing is that??

#challengeaccepted <3