The Stress of Running My Business is Killing Me! - Mandy Perry

“Mandy, I want to heal myself, heal the world, make money to be financially free and I want to live life on my terms….. So I started this business and now the stress of running it is KILLING ME.”

I hear you sister.

So let’s do something about that now.

I was listening to Ms Green the other day talk about how business is just overwhelming and we just have to accept that.


I got an email from another entrepreneur titled “It’s not supposed to be easy.”


Interesting how I keep hearing this message from my peers and hearing my clients and tribe saying how overwhelmed they are.


I have so much respect for each individual message and have zero bad to say about that particular message… I just don’t buy into it myself. #unavailableforthat


And I get to do that.


It’s one thing for me to tell you to HIT THE EASY BUTTON if I hadn’t done it and built a half million business doing it…. But I did.


So there’s credibility here.
I just let myself be me – I kept listening to the GO FOR IT shouting at me inside.. And I ignored the shit people around me said that made me feel anxious and overwhelmed.


OF COURSE I overwhelmed myself and got frantic and messy sometimes.

OF COURSE I listened to the voice of the devil telling me to be scared… be very scared.. I wasn’t safe sometimes…

OF COURSE I screwed up loads of crap and had mini melt downs…



I still hit the easy button.


Building your business is SIMPLE… It’s even EASY.




What’s not easy is outgrowing old beliefs and old habits that keep us from hitting the easy button.

It stops us from knowing and believing that we will fak it all up and it won’t matter.


You’ll still have wild and amazing success.


There is one way that you can guarantee to fk it all up and not have the success you are longing for.

To guarantee you will not have financial freedom and the wild & adventurous, peaceful & amazing entrepreneur life.


Tell yourself it’s all so hard and complicated and never go ALL IN.

It won’t feel any easier tomorrow.

You already knew this.

Time to suit up sister.


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It’s yours when you say it’s yours.