Dear FEAR - I'd Like to Break Up... - Mandy Perry

What if you could break up with Fear?

Fears like:

Can I really help them?

What if I say something vulnerable and they talk shit about me?

What if I invest in myself and it doesn’t work out?

If I dress sexy and he isn’t turned on?

I give myself permission to never diet again and I get fat?

If I don’t control my kids they will end up drug addicts and broke?

She’s crushing it online… I should be WAY farther ahead.. Maybe this isn’t meant for me.

No one will understand what I do

No one pays for this niche

I live where no one invests in themself

People are going to wonder who the fk I think I am

I am a fraud.

So many people are already doing this and are better than me.

I can’t do this, there is way too much going on.

I’m not qualified to help anyone.

I can’t figure this technology shit out.


I don’t have answers for them, I don’t even have answers for me.

Maybe this isn’t my true calling.

I’ve tried EVERYTHING and nothing is working.

They can tell I am desperate and will run away.

I’m not good enough.

What if this finally proves to me that I am a failure.

This is way too good to be true – there’s no way.

If I make this easy I’ll end up eating chips and watching dr phil all day every day

I can’t motivate anyone.

I don’t know how to articulate anything.

I need to cut my hair and get new clothes before I can do a FB live.

I can’t spend $ on myself until I make $

Nothing I do is working




You can keep doing this crazy train ride if you want to …

Or TODAY you can decide you’ve had enough of that and we can dance our happy little asses right out of that hell and into the sunshine!!

I am divinely guided

I am connected with everyone and all of life!

As I support life, life supports me.

I ALLOW all good things into my life.

I step out in faith!
I choose to follow my soul every moment

I know a path will form where there was no path before this step.

I will take one step and THEN I will know exactly what to do next.

I am LOVED and well cared for!

I choose to focus on BEST RESULTS rather than reinforcing old crap patterns and worrying about what if.

I choose to be worthy to receive

I will speak my truth and let the people meant to find me – find me.

People LOVE working with me and being around me

I express my thoughts and feelings freely

I am well compensated for my HIGH value services

My income is always increasing with ease!

This went well – I’ll do more of this!
This fell flat, I’m already ready to improve it and go again!
I have UNLIMITED POTENTIAL and I allow it to flow

I am learning new things every day, technology is exciting as it helps me reach the whole world!

I choose LOVE.

I choose to SERVE

I am worthy of BEING LOVED.
I choose to open new doors to my life

I choose to release control and collaborate with Source

I trust the process of LIFE
I am perfectly exactly where I am meant to be!


Clients show up ready to work and get massive results!

I am safe.

I am willing to take a leap of faith

I know I will get a 10x return on all my investments.

I know failure is an opportunity to learn and I am willing to learn

I allow myself to be supported.
I say YES to my soul. EVERY SINGLE DAY


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Remember, life is rigged for the bold.

It’s yours when you say it’s yours.