Circumstances Don't Cause Failure...Thoughts Do. - Mandy Perry

The act and thoughts of judging how you feel are the things that cause drama.

Not the emotions themselves.


The act of stressing out that you are eating a dessert is the thing that causes the binge

Not the dessert itself.


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On and on this list goes.

The common denominator is thoughts.


Negative anticipation.


Every freekin day you read or see somewhere that thoughts create your life… but have you ever REALLY HEARD IT??

Do you get it?

Do you see how powerful this is?


YOU are responsible for everything in your life. (Fak … I know)

But this is why thats is FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!


It also means with some mindset shifts you can have everything you dream of.


Here is a personal example:


  1. Situation happens where husband pisses me off (about $.. What else right?)
  2. I let him know this triggers me and I am upset.
  3. Husband makes comment about how everything triggers me.
  4. Im fakin pissed off (lol)


  1. I am justified in being right. He’s being messy with finances and then he was a dink about it on top of it. I’m the victim, He’s a dink. Final ruling.


  1. Ask myself… How would the Mandy who is wildly abundant, madly in love with her husband, and has the deepest most epic relationship handle this situation?


Would I argue over a couple hundred bucks?

Would I assume he was trying to take advantage of me?

Would I freak about mistakes?

Could I recognize that he is having trouble and could use some encouragement and support? (Just like I would want him to do for me when it’s my turn being messy?)



Just like that I have the life that seemed so far away when I was HES-A-DINK-ING- it.


It doesn’t mean I ignored problems.

It just means I stopped catastrophizing the situation, stopped pretending I knew his intentions, and stopped looking for a way to sit in the old familiar feeling of resentment.



SOOOO familiarrrrrr.


And just NO.

Not today.

Not tomorrow.


I choose wild liberated freedom.

Each moment is a choice.


Remember, life is rigged for the bold.

It’s yours when you say it’s yours.