Bold & Fearless - With Sh*t In My Pants... - Mandy Perry

When I first started getting clients in my business – I felt SUFFOCATED.

I felt like I was caged … trapped.


How the hell was I supposed to know what was going to be happening 9 weeks from now??

How the hell did I know if I was going to be in a good enough mood to help someone else?


What were they going to need? I could barely keep myself up let alone keep someone else UP.


I remember saying to a friend – I just want to go back to my old life – watch #DrPhil and drink wine – hang with the kids and study shit.


She said – “Go ahead.”

I was horrified… well… what do you mean “GO AHEAD??”



You’re supposed to tell me how I HAVE to do this.

If I don’t I am wasting my life, wasting my potential.

I’ll never feel fulfilled and happy if I don’t.


I sat with this for days – “Go ahead.” 
Blow off the clients, make up some excuses, contract, hide.

Be sick, focus on some dramatic event or trauma… there’s always some of that I can opt into.


There was this battle going on inside of me –

Change… Grow… see what this new world was like…




Contract, pull back, stick with what I knew.


This was a turning point for me and my family.

Had I known all the amazingness that was RIGHT ON THE OTHER SIDE of this decision I’d have run screaming and skipping headlong into it.

  • A sense of “I fakin did it.”
  • Tears of joy paying for organic groceries
  • Our first family vacation paid for by my business
  • Taking my dad in a vacation of a lifetime
  • Paying off debt!!!
  • Moving into a huge home
  • My husband selling his business and joining the business
  • Location independence – free to travel anywhere we like
  • My own schedule
  • $ to pay for tutors for the kids
  • $ to invest further in support for us and the business


There’s SOOOO MUCH MORE.. but if you had told me Id have all of this 2 years ago I would have laughed at you.

I’M NOT THAT GIRL, I’d probably have told you.

Shit like that doesn’t happen for me… I’d have said.


You can have this.

This isn’t for the lucky and the fortunate.

It’s for anyone who OPTS IN to having it.

The state of mind required for this level of success isn’t something you can buy or beg and get – it’s something you CREATE.


You create this by DECIDING this is YOURS

By having a strong reason WHY you’re willing to show up and do what it takes to have it.

Then by getting whatever support is required at each stage to MAKE IT HAPPEN.


I still have moments of feeling like WHY ME? How come I get to have this and others don’t yet? I should do free things for people so they can have what I have….


And then I remember….

People VALUE what they pay for, and they’re either ready to do the damn thing or they aren’t… and giving it away won’t change any of that.




There is more than enough resource and money for every single person who wants this…

Every skill is learnable…

The whole Universe is conspiring for your good and for you to have everything you long for

You get to have it ALL.


This is Universal law.
The only thing that ever needed to happen was for you to stop letting the what if’s and but’s run the show and to listen to your soul.
When your soul says HELL YES, so do you.

Let God sort out HOW it will all happen.

Let the mentor you choose help you with the HOW.


Your only job is to decide and put your ass in a place where you aren’t able to turn back.


Wishing for wealth and success won’t bring you success.
But DESIRING it accompanied by a state of mind, action, and persistence of NEVER ACCEPTING ANYTHING LESS THAN SUCCESS – will.


It gets to be that easy.
It only FEELS hard when we stop stepping in faith and start focusing back in what if…


Remember, life is rigged for the bold.

It’s yours when you say it’s yours.



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