How to KNOW It's Going to Happen For You.... - Mandy Perry

That fear: what if this doesn’t happen for me?

The tension of wondering if this is really actually going to happen for you – in the entrepreneurial world has sent some of the finest coaches back to the land of 9-5.


I’m going to teach you what I learned that got me out of the nightmare feeling.

The endless cycle of believing that if you don’t do it – it won’t ever work out.

That all the weight of this working out is on your shoulders.

That you have to know NOW or you’re just going to die of a stroke lol


Being patient, being able to pause and hear your inner guidance, and taking action that is in alignment with that guidance is the mark of those who TRUST.


[bctt tweet=”“If the fear that you will not make it is not released COMPLETELY – it is not released at all, and will continue to consume all of your thoughts, energy, time, creativity, and MONEY.” – Mandy Perry” username=”msmandyperry”]


ALL of the answers, creative ideas, opportunities that have already come and gone.. And were never acted on… usually we have an awareness that this is happening and that’s the thing that really scares us.


If you believe in abundance – you believe in abundance … not only when it “FEELS” true.

It’s just always true.


You are always safe.

No matter what it looks like.

You are always safe to leap when your soul asks you to leap.

You are always safe to say NO when you hear  “Not that.” from your soul.


Abundance doesn’t actually disappear just because you chose to focus on “What if…?”


What do you need to feel excited, supported, special and loved as you build your empire??



I’m all in. I’m all in. I’m all in!


I will have a life of wild freedom.

I refuse to spend one more second of one more day terrified that I will fail.

I will not waste my energy and power on a BS lie that it all is so hard and I can’t figure this out.


It’s mine.

I’m in.

Whatever it takes.

I’ve decided.

That is final.


Remember, life is rigged for the bold.

It’s yours when you say it’s yours.





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