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“But, Craig I can’t do it!” – “I try over and over and nothing is working for me!” – “I feel like a failure…like this will never work for me!”


In hear this stuff daily.


You want the hard truth??


It probably won’t ever work for you. At least not with your current patterns, beliefs, support systems or lack thereof.


But don’t worry…I’ve got you


I know what it feels like to feel like there is something missing and I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. But I know that if I could just figure it out, THEN massive success would follow! Then I figured out what the missing piece was…


It was ACTION!


I know what you are thinking. Duh…Seems basic right? Hear me out here. Because, if applied properly this powerful yet simple practice has the power to literally transform your business and your entire life for that matter. Initially I thought that action alone would do it for me. But it didn’t bring me the REAL success I wanted. The key was that there were 3 parts to the action that made it so powerful for me. And when you check the action you are taking against these 3 metrics and apply them…BOOM!!! Doors will open that you never thought possible!


First…Is the action you are taking MASSIVE? Does it scare you? Does if force you to look fear in the eyes and say “FK you!” If it doesn’t, then the action simply isn’t big enough.


Second…Is the action PURPOSEFUL? After all, this isn’t about throwing junk on the wall and hoping it sticks. Figure out your purpose and taking steps TOWARD that purpose is key here.


Third…Is the action you are taking CONSISTENT? Even when your posts get no love, or your videos have crickets chirping in the comments, are you CHOOSING to continue anyway? Are you being seen in one way or another every day?


Maybe MASSIVE, CONSISTENT, PURPOSEFUL action is missing from the equation for you too.


Are you a little unsure WHY you haven’t been practicing action at the levels necessary to bring you all you ever wanted in life and business? No stress…We can help. I’ve opened some time slots to book a complimentary call to help you figure it out.
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