Deciding is a VERB... - Mandy Perry

Deciding is a VERB – it requires ACTION


Only you can deprive yourself of anything. Period.

If you cannot see this – you cannot have the life you are longing for.


Only when you see this can you have;


Multi 6 figure +  income

Be 100% comfortable in your own skin – body and personality

A thriving marriage and love

Thousands of people following you and wanting to hear what you have to say

People pay just to be in the same room as you

Soulmate Ideal clients that energize you and make work not feel like work

Get paid just to be you… truly all you.

Travel all over the world living the #laptoplife making your own schedule

Have a life where the pendulum only swings FORWARD

And you don’t go through the SQUEEZE.

You have a faaaaaak yesssssss LIFE!!


I can think of SO many times people try to make me feel like :


“That’s enough Mandy.”

Be content with that Mandy

You don’t need that Mandy

Just do this, just have that, just accept it.

DON’T BE A DIVA type of voice…


And you can blame those people in your life… If you really need to.


But THEY aren’t stopping you.. And I think you know that.


[bctt tweet=”No One is stopping you from having everything you long for except for you.” username=”msmandyperry”]


When you can face this – when you can stare this in the face and BREATHE .. pause.. choose something new… you will begin momentum towards having everything you want.


And until then you will repeat the same day over and over with growth that may be impressive to others around you but is a fraction of what you are capable of and you fakin know it.


And you’re so fakin done feeling this suppressive heavy weight.
You’re so ready to bust through this ceiling that you have been bashing you’re head against OVER and OVER


The action for today is simple –

DECIDE that you are done….

And maybe you used to think deciding was a mental thing – but it’s not…


Deciding is like LOVE.

It’s an ACTION. It’s a VERB


If I can’t video tape your decision – you HAVEN’T decided.


Never again will you mistake momentary motivated feelings for a DECISION.

Fakin 7 figure – show up and BACKS herself bad-assery DECISION.


Never again will you live groundhog day.

TODAY – right now is the moment you reversed the momentum of procrastination and “tomorrow” syndrome.


It won’t be easier tomorrow

You never needed that thing you thought you needed to start

No one else needs to be any different for you to start


You get to have this NOW.

Want the reward NOW?

Take the leap NOW.


You are a powerhouse and you wouldn’t have begun this journey if you didn’t KNOW you got this.


Remember, life is rigged for the bold.

It’s yours when you say it’s yours.





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