You Can't Fk It Up... - Mandy Perry

You can’t fk it up


You can refuse to enter.

You can refuse to opt in.

You can ignore your calling.

You can distract the shit out of yourself on the daily.



You can’t fk it up.

Life already knew you’d do this.. Lol

God already knew.

You didn’t fool anyone… you didn’t miss it all.

It isn’t too late.


Sure.. maybe the longer you wait the harder it gets to start…


But that’s only more of a reason to start now…

Because it’s never too late or TOO hard to start…


Nothing FOR you will ever miss you.

But you CAN choose to never engage in the AMAZING life waiting for you.


You are being guided to ABUNDANCE, joy and wealth…FREEDOM & happiness…

But until you let go of your investment in death – you will not see all of the life surrounding you – therefore you will never choose it.


But this isn’t your story.

You didn’t choose death, isolation, excuses & procrastination.


You’ve been through hell and back and here you are.

Reading this.


One piece at a time.

For such a time as this…


What if every damn piece of this is all PERFECT?

What if you were always meant to be here … right here in this moment and this was all exactly how it was meant to look on the way to where you are going?


What if this is all just a sign that you are right on track…

What if you can just EXHALE and enjoy now.


Remember, life is rigged for the bold.

It’s yours when you say it’s yours.





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