This Man Schooled Me... - Mandy Perry

Me: “Jun. What do you think about Americans? How do you feel about them?”

Jun (a Bali local): “….What you mean? That confusing. Americans are people. I like people…”


Me: fak.


We don’t receive wisdom.

No one gives it to us.

We discover it.

We know the truth when we hear it…

and wisdom happens along the journey.

No one is going to take the journey for you.

No one will rescue you.

And you never needed them to.


Every moment along the way is either a reason to celebrate or grow.

Everything else is BS


There is no way to fk it up except to never leap.

Never say yes.

Never put both feet in.


You have enough worthy in your hair strand to take this journey on.


Your sister that is crushing it at multi 7-figures?? YOU ARE THE SAME

That woman who speaks so powerfully/ YOU ARE THE SAME

The guy changing lives? YOU ARE THE SAME


Every damn thing you are jealous of in someone else is a reflection of your greatness

What you resist persists.


The only question is – when are you going to accept your role my dear reluctant leader <3

[bctt tweet=”The question was NEVER “IF” you are going to make your dreams happen… it is only how long you plan on torturing yourself being #halfass” username=”MsMandyPerry”]


Do you need help?

What’s it going to look like next year if you get help?

What will next year look like if you don’t?


Remember, life is rigged for the bold.

It’s yours when you say it’s yours.





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