What kind of support are you drawing in? - Mandy Perry

What kind of support are you drawing in?

This is actually an incredibly important question… and it’s probably different than what you’re thinking.


Week to week

Day to day

Hour to hour

In this MOMENT… what kind of support are you drawing in.


Let me break this down for you because it’s WILDLY important.


You talking to a friend: “Girl… this business is soooo hard. No one wants to pay for my coaching, no one is willing to do the work, and no one even gets what I do. People don’t pay for this sort of thing here. I don’t even know if this is what I am supposed to be doing.”


What kind if support did you just invite in here – you’re basically asking your friend to agree w you on this perspective of the world and what’s available for you… and what happens when she does?


“I know right! People just don’t get it.”



Both of you have just taught your nervous system to focus on the problem w no solution just a little bit more.

You just invited in SUPPORT TO STAY STUCK. You planned to fail.


Then you wonder why you are stuck. (lol) I know it seems so obvious when someone breaks it down… Your welcome sister. (I remember the moment I saw this too)


Ok, so what does the alternative look like?

Sometimes it’s just helpful to see an alternative.


“Girl!!! I am getting closer and closer every day! I am learning how to describe what I do, how to navigate tough conversations when people believe they can’t afford things. I know people are basically good and willing to show up if they can just see it so I am super excited about learning to help them see it better. I can’t wait to celebrate with you when I get my first $5k client!!”



You just invited in support to expand and celebrate wins, which means you are expecting wins!


This is something that costs you nothing – requires very little of you except mindfulness,


The Balinese have this awesome saying:

Think right.

Speak right.

Do right.


You don’t have to discipline your way to not complaining and planning to fail by inviting is support for staying stuck… this is about retraining your brain. Retraining what you choose to focus on.


Want to take this to the next level? You’re a quick study, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this –

Round 2

What kind of support are you choosing for your business growth?

You want mediocre results? Hire mediocre support.


You want expert results, hire the expert.


Example: If you want to hit 7 figures – hire someone who made 7 figures doing what you want to do.

That would not be me. I hired my own coach who makes multi 7 figures to teach me how to as well.


I am the perfect person to hire if you want to make multi 6 figures within 18 months. How I think got me that result. How I think is currently heading me to 7 figures but… I’m not the expert for that yet and it’s important for us to recognize these things.


Here is another blunt example:


A weight loss coach who was heavy and lost 40 lbs but is still heavy.

Often she can feel unworthy to be a weight loss coach… and for a thin woman who wants to get ripped, she wouldn’t be appropriate.


How she thinks isn’t the way a ripped woman thinks – evidence would suggest.

BUT she is am amazing coach for someone who is overweight looking to get the first 40 lbs off!! Perfection not needed.


It’s just common sense. It’s not judgement, it’s not complicated.


Be careful what support you draw in with your words, and choose a mentor that has the result you want, specifically.


We will skip through these lessons together <3

Remember, life is rigged for the bold.
It’s yours when you say it’s yours.