The Top 3 Things Killing Your Business... - Mandy Perry

Oh you know this is going to be fkg good because I don’t do 1 2 3’s …ever.

Because they aren’t any fun to write and they are super overplayed on blogs – probably because they work… our scattered brains like a 1 2 3.


I get it.


But here’s the thing… the 1 2 3 is the very thing fkg up your business growth, your relationships, your peace of mind… all of it.


So I lied to you… I’m not giving  you a 1 2 3.. (I intended to but I have changed my mind)

I am just going to give you a 1, because it is the only damn thing that matters.


It’s the one thing jacking you up and the rest is irrelevant until this is sorted.


1. Do the simple shit – every single day, day in, and day out.


Do the simple shit, do the basics, do the fundamentals every single day.


Imagine for one second what your life would look like if you were simply implementing the things you already know to do … every single day until all of it was just habit and second nature.


Eating well

Working out

Sleeping well

Creating content

FB Lives

Journaling, Meditation

Actually taking action on your incredible ideas that you get.

Getting support if you get stuck to learn WHY you don’t show up.

Connecting instead of isolating


What would your life be like in a year if you just showed up and did these things??



Pretty fakin amazing.

No kidding.

Look at that.


[bctt tweet=”You literally already know how to have a 6 figure business, and all the rest of the complicated BS was the perfect way to procrastinate.” username=”msmandyperry”]


So what would you do today if you KNEW you couldn’t fail (because you can’t.)

What are the basics you keep avoiding by pretending it’s all so complicated?


What support do you need to pull in to understand WHY you would keep avoiding doing the very things that will bring you everything you want?


You are NEVER going to fk this up. You can’t.
Your purpose isn’t going to disappear because you’ve been procrastinating, contrary to sales techniques suggesting that it will.


But you can delay having the experience of life that you want…and I suppose you could delay it for your whole life.


Your passage through time and space is not RANDOM. You cannot but be in the right place at the right time (ACIM)


And that includes being here, reading this.


I will leave you with this today – WHY would you avoid doing the very things that you KNOW will bring you the success you desire?

Deep inside you have everything that is WHOLE and PERFECT… ready to radiate through you out to the world and the only thing that could stop it is fear and following fear.


So the only thing you really need to learn HOW to do – is to do the BASICS every single day.


Remember, life is rigged for the bold.

It’s yours when you say it’s yours.





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