Secret Shame... - Mandy Perry

You are not broken.

You are not broken.

You are not broken.


You have nothing to be ashamed of.

Shame can fk itself right off.


This deep nagging belief that you are not good enough.

And sure as shit if they get to see you, the REAL you, you would feel shame.


Deep, raw, unedited … SHAME.

You’ve spent 30 years trying to out dance this creepy little fukr.

But there is this squeeze in your chest when you step out to shine.


There is this rock in your belly when you go to be vulnerable, sexy, BIG, seen, heard.


The comments, the body language… it’s evidence that you aren’t quite good enough.

You cringe at the thought of the criticizing words.


Gah! It’s too much.

It’s just so much easier to hide, play small, play nice, comply.



“Get back into your little box where you belong.”

“Sit down. Shut up. Act right.”

“Everyone else doing this does it better than you… Don’t embarrass yourself.”

“You’re too much.”

“You’re not enough.”



Fak this. Fk that. No more. Never again. Not for one more day. One more hour. Not for one more second.


This creepy little shit has been calling out to you for as long as you can remember… but today I SPOT YOU.



I see you for the ridiculousness that you are.
I see that you call out to EVERYONE.


I see you dimming lights and stealing Joy.

I see your mischief and deception and today I am shining this bright ass light on YOU.


Tables are turning.

I see you – and – I see me.


The real me that walked through the flames to bring buckets of water for my sisters.

The real me that shows up every fkg day to make it happen.

The real me that fought the battles to protect the ones I love.

The real me that chooses willingly to enter the arena to get my ass kicked on the daily.


I own my power.

I see my beauty.

I feel my innocence.


I am innocent.

I am GOOD.

I am worthy of all that is good, and things beyond my comprehension.

I release you shame. You are free to go now.

I have chosen this dance with you for the last time.


You may call, but it will fall unanswered.

Not only will I not answer but I carry a call within me that covers my sisters as well.

My children as well.

My husband as well.

My brothers as well.


Today I call from the depths of my soul – to the brightest of the bright who has dimmed herself for the very last damn time.


You know who you fkg are.

You know it’s time.


The whole world is waiting. Has been waiting and you’ve known it for some time.

Today is the day.

Today I step.  Act. I DECIDE. I make a bold commitment that I cannot turn back from.

Why would I need a way out.


I am all in.
This is mine.

Financial freedom.

My own schedule.

A sacred beautiful home for my family.

World travel – to connect with all the other souls shining brightly all over the world.

Debt free. I am worthy of wild success and wealth.

Letting my brightness heal all the dark places I have walked out of.

Leaving my legacy in the world.


Today I stop fkg around with shame and start choosing LIFE. ALIVE. POWERFUL. FREEDOM. SEEN. KNOWN.


It’s mine because I have decide I am WORTHY.


I am finally READY.








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Up until now – what was your biggest SHAME story?

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