Your Success Isn't a Fluke... - Mandy Perry

Your success isn’t a fluke.
You came this far because YOU ARE YOU.

You made this shit happen sister.
You stepped boldly.
You challenged the BS.
You always spoke your mind.
You are one in a million.

You can’t fk this up.
It’s not all going to get taken away – and the moment it starts to feel like it’s all going to get taken away, is the moment we say FK IT, how do I 10x this shit. ALL IN WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!

The money will come, it always does… Every damn time.
You don’t need to get ahead because you CAN’T FALL BEHIND.

You have the whole UNIVERSE conspiring for your good.
You have a God who created breath working on your behalf for all of your longings to be met.

You get to release the anxiety – it’s just a choice to focus on a bunch of BS that isn’t real any damn way.

And the truth is…you know better.
You’ve shown up, done the work, learned the lessons, and you know better.

Anxious doesn’t look good on you anymore.
You already know that choosing fear will cause you to contract and make small decisions BUT YOU’RE BIG AS FK AND THAT SHIT DON’T LOOK GOOD ON YOU SISTER!!

You choosing anxiety and fear is like a man trying to wear his little daughters t-shirt for laughs with his big hairy man belly hanging out.

It’s like poop on your Jimmy Choos.
It’s a man thong.
It’s your muffin top.
It’s a plumbers crack.

Your amazingness will just be pouring out of you while you try to stuff it into the little box of anxiety and you’re gonna feel like you’re going to just explode.

You are just too big for this behavior.
#saynotocrack #nottodaysatan LOL

This shit doesn’t look good on you.
It doesn’t fit.
It feels like a death grip.
You’ve outgrown this and maybe you just forgot for one moment – so I’ll hold that vision for you until you snap out of it and REMEMBER.

Remember who the fk you really are.
What you were born for.
Who your father is.
That you have all of creation working FOR you and FOR your good.
That you couldn’t fk this up if you tried your best to do so.
And every time it feels like you did – it was just another beautiful life lesson that ultimately gets you more of all of your heart’s desires.

Dust off.
Go again.

Let’s do this thing together sister.






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