All Wealthy Women Are Shit Mothers... - Mandy Perry

I used to ACTUALLY believe this. LoL
True story.

I believed you were either at home baking zucchini gluten-free cookies w your kid everyday – or you were successful.

No in-between. And definitely not BOTH.

Time with business takes away from kids – Time with kids takes away from business – Time with husband takes away from both.

Self care? NOPE. That’s just going to make the whole cookie crumble.

There is a ton here – but I will just mention something here that could change it all for you – if you’re open to something new.


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Do you do better work in your business when you have taken time for yourself?

Are you more patient w your kids after you’ve had a romantic night with your husband?


Yes.. yes…

Are you a better mother if you show up and live your purpose and crush it in your business??


NO!! Gah! Terror, fear, loads of drama and energy here in our poor and middle class moms.


We can see how the others make sense but not this one.

Maybe you can’t see it yet, but can you be open to the idea that – that’s clearly not logical?

Suppressing your purpose – denying your longings (which are the byproducts of your purpose) and then expecting to be a happy fulfilled woman / mother ISN’T EVEN LOGICAL.

So where did this whole – only be a SLAVE/MOM BS come from? (A man for damn sure – HAHAHAHA)

As if you can’t juggle well – YOU WERE LITERALLY BUILT TO JUGGLE.

You thrive when you juggle.

You thrive when you are it up and excited about life

You thrive and shine for your kids when you feel you have unique purpose in this world and you are making an impact.


You glow when you leave a session that you just NAILED, and your daughter sees the glow.

Your son learns to look for the glow.

You husband sees the woman he met.


Your kids learn to see how a 6 figure business is run right there in the home – How EPIC is that?


Did you know Harvard study shows daughters are 23% more likely to hold a position of authority if they grew up with entrepreneurial moms? <3


They learn to go all in on things – and do it UNTIL.

They learn how to get support – hire help – delegate tasks.


They learn they matter and CAN CHANGE THE DAMN WORLD.


When my daughter cries because she wants ME to put her to bed instead of her dad, I don’t feel guilty because I know it’s good for her to bond just as close as me to as many others in her life as possible. Dad, sister, grandma, aunt…. It all helps her have a happy life.

I stop making it about me and wanting to be the most significant thing in the world to her so that I feel important and needed.

And I let her learn to self soothe and bond with others.


So this applies to when I am away as well… which lets my SOUL to get fed and I get to frolic around the world KNOWING it is helping my daughter learn to have inner strength and knows TRUE permission to do whatever her soul leads her to do GUILT FREE.


This is triggery as shit – I know.

It’s also true.

And we know the truth when we hear it.


All LIFE supports LIFE.

So doing the things that truly make you come to life in alignment with your soul CANNOT BE WRONG.


(Which includes canceling a trip last-minute, taking a day off, being there for things that are important… because my soul longs to – which I can do because its my business and I make my own schedule…. right?)


Just because an 8-year-old gets upset that you are doing it – DOESN’T MAKE IT WRONG – LOL

It just means she hasn’t learned her power yet – so what better way to teach her to own it than to own it yourself?


Let’s do this thing together sister.





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