NO BS - The How vs Manifesting - Mandy Perry

I am so serious about this.

This isn’t fluff.

It isn’t some lazy way to avoid teaching you a how…

It isn’t a sales tactic..


It’s something only people who have accomplished the goal really understand, and my intention is to help you to learn it NOW so you can save yourself SO MUCH TIME & ANGST.


Ok… How does NOT matter, because there is no cookie cutter formula for PURPOSE.

You are unique.

You are fire.

You are stronger than you think because you’ve faced more than most can imagine… and DESPITE all of it you are here looking to grow, expand, and heal the world.


You cannot be tamed.

You love unconditionally and it is why you fight fearlessly for the ones you love.


You feel all of it.

The good.

The bad.


… and you still choose to believe in the good.


You love the biggest and are a force of nature when fooled with.



So why are you sitting there pretending you don’t know what to do… Or better yet… that you need to COPY some magical formula to live to your true potential.


SInce WHEN have you followed the rules?

Since when have you copied THEM?


Enough is enough.

You want to know what to do… sit your ass down and write out a plan.
DO the shit you know to do WELL and CONSISTENTLY before you go worrying about magical funnels.


  1. You MUST capture your creative genius. Everything else is sub par, and you already knew that.
  2. You MUST do the things you already know to do – and be consistent and master them… as well as REAP all the rewards from doing them.
  3. AFTER you have done these you will have momentum and progress and THEN you will have actual needs your business requires you to figure out..


You will know you are doing it right because you wont have some overwhelmed blank “I AM LOST” feeling… you will have a specific problem that you know needs to be figured out and you will know the questions to ask.


Does this make sense?


THEN your mentor can download HOW shit to you all day long, make recommendations, tweak, up level etc.


YOU have to show up and BE YOU first.

I can’t teach you THAT.


I can’t teach you HUNGRY

And I can’t teach you how to be YOU.


But if you are willing to show up and FINALLY CAPTURE THE GENIUS INSIDE OF YOU – I have something AMAZING for you.


Yes .. I will teach you the how. (easy.)

But most importantly .. I will inspire you to SHOW THE FK UP.

To be YOU.

To capture YOUR genius.

To learn how to be coachable.

To LIVE YOUR POTENTIAL – all the way around.


The Million Dollar MIND

Built for the women who KNOW they have a Million Dollar (Billion dollar) mind…. But haven’t made it a reality yet.

First 50 get crazy bonus –  Available for ANYONE wanting to next level their life.

Embracing FLOW & EASE without all the BS.

Actually have fun while you build your empire. (I DO MEAN ACTUALLY)
“Structure” for the Creative Genius.

Fk the rules.

This is a place to stop playing small
Stop pretending you don’t know what to do.
Stop squirreling out & procrastinating


You are the top 1% WORLD SHAKER (even though some days you just feel like a wild raging river flowing everywhere)

Others aren’t like you.
Others don’t JUST WANT MORE.
Others aren’t worried about the IMPACT they leave on this world.

You are BIG and you own it.
You forget sometimes and then the drive inside of you brings you right back to ON FIRE.

That’s just what it is.

You know you are THAT GIRL.
You know you have a *Billion dollar mind.*
You know you are wild and will never be tamed

You know you have a best seller in you
You know you have passion that will bring a crowd to tears & will inspire change

You know you have more power in the tip of your tongue than most have in their whole body.
Others seem a bit apathetic and you genuinely wonder why they don’t want more – why they don’t care about learning and understanding all the things you learn.

You are a world Changer.
You are a New Thought Leader.
You are the Multi-million dollar business girl.

Let’s do this thing together sister.