30 Things I Believed When I Was Broke - Mandy Perry

This is some RAW shit. It’s also how and why I stayed broke, and reading it may challenge some of your beliefs… and unless you are completely content with your financial state – let it <3


  1. God says not to borrow so I can’t use CC to invest in myself.
  2. I have to make $ to prove I can afford a mentor before I hire a mentor.
  3. There are already people doing this that are way better at it than I am.
  4. I work so hard every day – I deserve a break.
  5. People don’t get how much I’ve been through – If they did they would understand why I am like this.
  6. I can’t open another can of worms, I’ll deal with that later.
  7. I can’t leave my family behind, I am the only person that can help them.
  8. I’ll save money when I finally start making more money.
  9. Anything FOR THE KIDS.
  10. I’m not the kind of girl who cares about money.
  11. God will just take care of all my needs – I’ve been through enough – I can have this glass of wine (on a wed afternoon LOL).
  12. I will never get ahead.
  13. YOLO
  14. People with money have IT EASY.
  15. Rich people are clueless.
  16. I don’t want $ because I’ll change.
  17. I don’t know how to do this any better. (ahh hemmm BS!!)
  18. If I work too hard I’ll be a bad mother.
  19. If I am successful my kids will grow up spoiled and be drug addicts when they’re older.
  20. I’ll do it tomorrow.
  21. It’s too late for me.
  22. I don’t want to make more $ because I’ll have to pay more taxes.
  23. I am not a diva – I don’t need to look good to feel good.
  24. I would rather spend my money on starving children than a nice car.
  25. This wasn’t easy so maybe I’m not meant to be doing this.
  27. Spiritual people shouldn’t care about $.
  28. Focusing on success is SHALLOW.
  29. I’m not good with $ (BIG ONE!)
  30. $ can’t buy happiness anyways.


I believed these, and I was broke.
I don’t now, and I’m not.


As we like to say – try the new concepts on like a dress.

Swirl around, go on a date – see how you like the fit.

You are always free to take it off.

There are no fkg rules.


There’s just YOU.. what you long for.. And if you get it or don’t.


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