No One Can Say No To You Unless You Do It First - Mandy Perry

I journaled this morning and this is what came up for me while I was being really honest with myself –




What would I be doing differently?


The first thing that came up was – I would GROW SHINE FIGHT SCREAM AND SAY FUCK – WITH MY CHANEL PURSE.




It’s so tempting to judge myself … SO tempting…

Until you remember.




You have longings because you need an inner compass showing you where to go.


SO what if I paused the judgement – and replaced with excitement and curiosity?


I want to GROW – so where am I holding back

I want to SHINE – where do I feel dimmed

I want to FIGHT – What do I need to forgive myself for?

I want to SCREAM – so what am I not saying, and why?

I want to say FUCK – What depths am I not allowing to come out??

I want a Chanel purse swinging from my arm – What does that represent for me?




Freedom from giving a FUCKKKKKK what anyone else thinks.

Freedom from the judging eyes and gossip lips.

Freedom from the BS story that God is judging me


FREEDOM from the Money Mindset low level beliefs that wealth is bad

That I am bad if I am wealthy

That enjoying life is bad somehow


That expressing myself and being fully ME Lit the FUCK UP is somehow anything but incredible.

Somehow setting goals that feel exciting – should be edited to fall in line with being THEIR version of humility.


Let’s REDEFINE what the fk humility is shall we?


Humility is being HUMBLE enough to trust your BODY’S guidance to lead you into your PURPOSE… rather than thinking that WE somehow (in our limited 30 years) somehow know BETTER than God/ Universe on what is right and wrong.


Fk that.

I am not the CEO of the Universe….

I will let God be God, and your opinion of what is right for me falls on golden cuffed ears of fine combed BS RADAR ABILITY.


I am a NO for anything but listening to my SOUL

I will say what the fuck I have to say because my message is UNFILTERED.

I will buy what excites me!!

I will CREATEEEE and offer it to the world shouting it from the rooftops..


Because it is not MINE. It is my purpose flowing THROUGH – and I’ll be damned if my messy ass is going to fk with something so sacred.


Which goes without saying – that I will be damned if your messy ass is going to fk with something so sacred 😉


It’s just time to come UNDONE





I will speak up, I will speak up, I will speak up.

I will not be silenced.


I am guided by all of God and the Universe to let this message come through me and I WILL LET IT BE HEARD BY THE WHOLE WORLD!

When I tell myself I have nothing important to say – I will show up and speak any fucking way because I am DIVINELY GUIDED.


When I am believing the BS that I WILL BE ANNOYING AND SALESY –

I WILL show the fuck up and speak anyways – because I AM DIVINELY GUIDED


Cheers to a voice UNFILTERED




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