The WORLD is TRYING to make you RICH - Mandy Perry

What if it’s really true that God and the Universe are fight on your behalf to send you every amazing – ridiculously awesome – good thing ?


What if it’s true?


What if the only reason you haven’t become TOTALLY FREE is because you don’t have any room to receive right now….


Because you are holding on so tightly with so much fear about HOW this will work – and WHAT IF it never works…


And you refuse to step into the position of KNOWING – DECIDING today that you are a 7 Figure entrepreneur and make decisions, investments, BOUNDARIES and lifestyle choices from THIS place?


What if you had it all backwards?

That by refusing to invest in yourself in $, time, emotion, care – you have no SPACE to grow INTO anything.


You are downright fkg suppressing and squishing yourself to stay in the same small box as always by making decision that back up your small box.


What does it feel like to KNOW LIKE YOU FUCKING KNOW that you will be WILDLY successful and let yourself make decisions from THAT place?


Would you join a program?

Get a mentor?

Go on that retreat?

Take that hour for the gym?

Buy that organic food for you and kids?

Take rest when your body asks for it?



SPEAK YOUR MESSAGE without Edit, Filter or Pause??


What if all it took was the BALLS to make these moves and keep your head in check staying FOCUSED on NOTHING but the GOAL??


What if it was never about a fkg HOW?

Can you see?

Can you begin to open up to this?

Can you take on step in faith?


Can you?

Of course you fkg can.


Will you?





It’s not going to be any easier tomorrow than it is today.

What’s your move sister?




Of course you are. Because I know you already know this – and you get it and it was always just a matter of when.


All the way to the top.

You were ALWAYS going to do this.




If you are DONE WITH

>>> Hearing crickets when you go online

>>>Feeling like you have nothing important or of value to say

>>>Feel like you have to have everything perfect and be pumped up in order to do a live

>>>Feeling anxious about going live

>>>Not knowing how to do a live that WORKS and converts into calls or sales


I am giving you the ALL ACCESS PASS to what makes FB Lives EPIC.



What makes your audience want to hear every word you say.

This is for you if you are ready to:


>>> Book client calls from your lives

>>> Make direct sales from your lives WITHOUT FEELING SALESY

>>> Have a ton of fun

>>>BE MORE OF YOURSELF- Feel comfortable and excited about Lives!!

>>> Build your tribe of raving fans

>>> Learn the tech side of it

>>> Learn what I use behind the scenes to make it look professional (gear etc)

>>> Do FB Lives on the go while you’re out – MULTI TASKING HIGH LEVEL LIVES


This is for the ENTREPRENEUR that is ready to BE SEEN, BE HEARD, and crush it NOW.


***Instant results – no overhead – total freedom.***



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