Change Lives Being You - Mandy Perry

The reason people follow me is because I let them see ME.

The REAL me.

Not some fabricated BS version.


The reason people buy my shit is because they want to be in my energy.

The no BS get it done – have some damn fun – FREE AF energy.

Crush life & heal the world – make all the pain mean something energy.


Want to know how the public gets to be in that energy? (Before they become clients)

#1 way – FB Lives.

#2 – blog posts.


Clients need ~ 6 touch points with you before they will purchase – namely because they are normal people who want to KNOW you before they want to spend more time with you – like any normal relationship.


You don’t ask to screw on the first date lol

So….. what’s the fastest way to build know-like-trust & build your tribe of people MEANT to follow you, learn from you, heal with you and crush life together?

FB Lives


What’s the fastest way to get the people who aren’t meant to be around to GO AWAY and find the people they are meant to grow and learn with??



IF YOU HAVE FELT a longing to go to this level

If you have been wanting to UPGRADE your FB lives

If you feel ready to be seen, show up, BE YOUR FUCKING SELF & blow up your business

If you are ready to have a tribe of people you LOVE & love you back


If you are ready to find true connections of like-minded people


If you are ready to STOP hesitating….


Come play w us in this 10 day experience.

I will show you how I have built my entire business using FB Lives – SO FKG SIMPLE.

Yup – sounds too good to be true.

I know…. Everyone told me it was.


I am in the habit of doing the impossible on the daily

If I can – you can.

That’s just facts.


Buy into the gloom that this is only for the lucky – not you


Come blow shit up and start having some FUN in your business & get famous being your true self.




10 days – Everything is recorded and kept for you


A tribe of women all on this same journey

TONS of support

Safe place to practice and get feedback

My best strategies to BOOK CALLS & MAKE SALES in a fun & loving way that’s AUTHENTIC
Re-energize yourself and get back on your A GAME
And shit tons of fun.

Join us: