Breaking through sh** is always hard – but it’s ALWAYS worth it.



Woke up proud of myself.

Woke up excited.

Woke up on an adventure.

Woke up knowing myself more.

Woke up at a new level.


If you don’t know the high of an up-level- you are missing out!


Say it with me—>

I am a powerful woman who creates epic results.

I always show up.

I live every day in a way I am proud of.

I am a constant encourager.

I act out of love.

I bless those around me.

I create a massive impact in the world.

My words are true.

My actions are true.

My soul is true.


I choose to trust the guidance that i hear today.


I back that sh** up every single time with fierceness and complete faith.


Fk yes



These are the women I serve.

The women ready to show the fk up and accept abundance / create change / and live an epic fkg life.


The women that yearn to have more so they can HEAL MORE.


The women who have gone through hell and back and are gaining strength every single day to bring buckets of water for everyone else.


The woman who is ready to own that HER HAND gets to be well rested, well fed, well filled —— before she extends it to the people around her —- but bet your pretty little a** she will extend that bichhhhhh down once it’s fed.


And she burns in her soul to have a powerful hand to reach down to others.


She feels the heaviness of her loved ones, feels the heaviness of the world and is desperate to show the fk up in all her glory, all her strength and in her wildest potential as to call those around her to more and leave her mark.


She’s ready to do the work so her kids won’t have to.


She’s ready to fkg take a leap of faith AND BACK HERSELF….. because….. she knows she’s fkg for this.


She would have never started this entrepreneurial journey if she didn’t KNOW IN HER SOUL…. when THIS MOMENT CAME

…..The moment when the rubber meets the road – the moment to show the fk up

SHES FKG GOING ALL IN because her soul said yes.


She didn’t have to worry about layer, tomorrow, next month or next year because LIFE SUPPORTS LIFE.


She is divinely guided.

The whole damn Universe is backing her.

It’s impossible to fail.


She’s just ready to show the fk up for the people she loves and the world that needs her.


You are one in a million sister.

It’s time.

There are no coincidences. If you are here, you’re here for a reason.


Let’s fkg do this.


Love you

Mandy x


PS: You ready???


Full blown business building support

Weekly step by step training… while I remind you who the fk you really are and we go blow this shit out of the water together.


9 weeks – full access to me and my team.

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Who you’re meant to work with

Be your true self

How to make sales without feeling sales-y

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How to up-level fast

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We make power moves- show the fk up and create epic results


I show you exactly how I went from NOTHING (literally) to quarter million in my FIRST year.


We hold nothing back.

And the women you meet become life long friends.





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