Who Am I, Anyways? - Mandy Perry

Sometimes we get  lost…

Lost in tv, FB, looking perfect, being thin, proving our worth, being right..




Busy work…


And it’s ok.

Welcome to being human. #human



It’s also ok to call yourself out on that shit and recognize that you got off track a bit.

You never needed to be prettier.

You never needed to be smarter.

You never needed to be thinner.

You never needed to be louder / quieter

You never needed to be MORE / LESS

You aren’t too much – you ARE ENOUGH.


And you DO know who the fk you are.



It just feels like it doesn’t fit sometimes.

Half of the world says – be thinner better prettier smarter DO MORE

The other half says – Shhhhh – just be still. Material doesn’t matter.


What if they are both wrong?

What if the ONLY thing that is right – is what FEELS right.

It might feel scary – but it feels RIGHT

It might feel crazy – but it’s RIGHT.


What if you knew all along and the ONLY thing causing the confusion is that you haven’t treated YOU like you matter.


It’s not your husband’s fault – it’s not your parents fault – it’s not because your kids act crazy – it’s not because the trauma you went through makes you an emotional eater –


It’s just because YOU DON’T HONOR YOU.

You heard that prompting to say no – and you ignored it

You heard the OMG HELL YES!! And froze instead.

You had a message to speak to the world – and suffocated it instead.

You had a brilliant idea – and let it pass you by…

Your body said – I NEED REST – and you demanded it keeps going.

Your soul said – I’M STARVING – and you told it to suck it up.


It’s not them.

It’s not your pastors fault – your mentors fault  or your mama’s fault.


Maybe before now you didn’t know that the way to KNOW who you are – to thrive, to be happy, to be in JOY – was to honor that small still voice inside.


That DOING – doesn’t get you there.

That BEATING yourself up won’t make you disciplined

That focusing on FEAR won’t make you brave

That blaming everyone else won’t get you PEACE OF MIND


This is truly the journey of a lifetime…

What truly matters to you?

Are you being honest with yourself?

What is your dream? Can you own it?

Are you acting in alignment with that dream?


Can you be brave enough to back your dreams?
Can you ignore the NOISE of the world telling you YOU AREN’T ENOUGH YET?

Can you bypass the material BS and tune in to your deepest longings?


Can you admit your longings?
Can you acknowledge that you would have never had these longings if you weren’t 100% WORTHY ABLE AND READY to fill them?


You are her.

You always were.

You always had greatness in you.

And you already knew that or you would have never begun this journey of discovery and entrepreneurial challenge.



What’s your next move?
Embracing the you you envision – or stay the same?

There is no right or wrong – only YOU owning and being YOU.


?Wake up.


Make a difference




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The past is not evidence of what is possible for your future – if you want success – this is yours for the taking.

No greater battle that the battle between the part of us that wants to grow and the part of us that wants to stay the same…


It takes courage & letting others support you.



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