Pain And Pleasure Control Your Life - Mandy Perry

Pain & Pleasure Control Your Life

What you really want to know is WHY THE HELL you can’t get yourself to do the things you KNOW will get you the life you want.

You tell yourself – this week will be different – this day will be different.

You buy books, oils, crystals…
Watch webinars..
Sign up for free trainings…

And still- the same shit persists.
You just can’t seem to get yourself to show UP and get the results you want – even though you know damn well – you are capable.

Once upon a time – you may not have known what to do to get the result – but you do now.

You know things that could get you epic results but you don’t implement them.
Which leaves you not much better off than when you didn’t know them.
(If you are telling yourself the story that you don’t know what to do – we can just agree that it’s a story that allows you to avoid feeling the tension of the thing you don’t want to feel.)

So lets squash that story.
You know the one next step – and that’s all you ever need to know.

SO what’s really stopping you?


You do the things you do because it gets you some level of pleasure.
You don’t do the things you wish you’d do because you have it linked to PAIN.

She wants a husband she’s afraid to get hurt – she is determined not to get hurt – BEHAVIOR? Every time she gets close to someone she pushes them away.

She wants a million dollar business but she’s afraid if she really goes for it she will fail and look like an idiot.
BEHAVIOR? Tells herself she are trying everything and NEVER really go both feet in.

She wants to be seen and known – have true impact on others lives but she’s afraid they will all take her down with them – they will need too much – she won’t be able to help them.
BEHAVIOR? Never allow support into the business – Never MAKE SALES because she subconsciously doesn’t really want them in her life.

You see a pattern here?
One of my private clients today told me she was doing everything and wasn’t getting the result.
I asked if there was anything she knew to be doing that she wasn’t .. she said nope – she’s doing everything.

I suggested she was on fire and that must feel good!! (as its super rare we are doing all we know to do lol)

She said no – she’s frustrated because she is doing the bare minimum for her business and still feeling overwhelmed as a mom.


Pattern → Blame it on not knowing what to do.
Truth → Fear that showing uo in the business will overwhelm her.

I coached her through it and she was able to see the BS pattern and shift – just like that.

It begins by seeing what’s really happening and ends with taking action based on WHAT YOU ACTUALLY TRULY WANT

THis is exactly what I am teaching my ACA July girls – and we will work these patterns out for 66 days – the time it takes to truly rewire a pattern.

It’s powerful – life altering – exciting as hell work.
Today – begin by asking yourself what BS story you are telling yourself is the cause of not having the results you want.
A part of you knows its BS

The smartest strongest part of you knows it BS
If you can be open to the idea that patterns are running – you can begin the journey of turning this shit around.

You can do this.
You always were going to do this.
You always knew the truth.
You got this far to have the strength and wisdom to get to the next level.
There are no coincidences – you are hearing this for a reason 

Wake up.
Make a difference


ACA July began today!



There are already some powerful shifts happening – and it’s not too late – we close the doors in 7 days.
Get clear what your patterns are.
Get clear what pain you have linked to the action you wish you were taking –
REWIRE this – get epic results..

ALL the while – building your business and taking power moves to bring in the clients and $!!!

The women who take this course have gotten more results in 9 weeks than most people get in a lifetime.

And we do it all while having HUGE amounts of FUN!!!

Sign up for a talk with Team ACA to learn more if you feel called:
This is a small intimate group with DAILY interaction – and I get to know everyone and their journey – you are all in and going to do this or you’re going to keep one foot in one out

Up to you