Want to Know What Controls Your Behavior? I'll Tell You... - Mandy Perry

Want to know what controls your behavior? I’ll tell you.


I hear people talking every day saying and doing things I KNOW are keeping them from success, fulfillment and joy.


And it’s hard to bite my tongue most of the time …

My little heart is just screaming out for them to have what they long for.


I can feel their longings – I have always been able to.


This is what I hear –

But Mandy… how do I KNOW it’s going to work?

  • You dont- you fkg decide then back it up. 

What if I really go for it and fail?

  • If that is an option for you then you probably will. A better question is what do you need to shift your energy into KNOWING you will do what it takes to make it work – unrelenting. 

What if I keep going and my husband and I drift apart?

  • Focusing on trying to control him will stop both of you from fulfilling your purpose. Your best chance at deep lasting love is to live fully alive – lit the fk up, doing your thing – bringing so much life to the table LOVE can’t help but happen ya? STAY in your own lane <3


What if I invest in myself and then I don’t make the $ back?

  • What if you invest in yourself and CRUSH it like I did and make 6 figures in 4 months??? What if you are so crazy in love with your life that you turn every damn thing to gold and everyone around you has a better life because you had the balls to say YES and leap???


But there are already so many people doing what I want to do – I’ll never be as good as them.

  • I build a $380k business with fewer than 30 people investing in my business. 25 out of BILLIONS. Just no lol <3


Need I go on??

Life is rigged for the bold.

No one is stopping you but you.

You really can have your dream life – NO BS.


The only question is when?


Why are we waiting until later to have our dream life???


Wake up.


Make a difference





This is what THE EDGE is about.


Why do some people break through all of this?

What is the secret to discipline that feels easy?


After 30 years of struggling, crying myself to sleep in desperation to change myself and help the people I love –I finally started to see what causes this cycle, and how to get the discipline and wisdom on how to create real lasting change – and everything changed:


— Got married AFTER 10 YEARS of being afraid to commit (lol)


— Lost 30 lbs


— Got off of antidepressant & anti-anxiety med


Went from making $400 a week to half million in 2.5 years


— Run retreats all over the world with amazingggggg women


— Coach thousands of clients


— Have a team of people in Mandy Perry Inc.




THAT IS THE EDGE – That is epic results.


Not only am I going to teach you how to BREAK THROUGH ANY PATTERN –


I’m going to break it down and teach you how to do it for your clients – NLP style


— Finally be in control of YOU


— Feel confident that you have the power to effect true change for your clients.


— ACHIEVE more than anyone around you ever expected you to be able to (IT FEELS DAMN GOOD <3)


— Experience a sense of true fulfillment – leaving a legacy and leaving a mark on this world – KNOWING what you do matters.


Faith is the beginning point of all success. It takes faith to believe you can of course have a wildly successful life and impact millions. But you, friend, are 100% WORTHY of this life.


All that ever needed to happen was for you to decide you deserve it.


The state of mind needed to real change is BELIEF – not hope.

DECIDING – not wishing.




I care about nothing more than helping heart-centered entrepreneurs and every day people people create EXTRAORDINARY results.


This is an amazing opportunity for you.


We begin Aug 6th


Everything will be recorded and out into a membership site for you to have access to for life – workbooks included – as well as a private FB group.


I wouldn’t miss this.


Details <> Pricing <> Purchase

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