No Evidence Will Prove Something You Do Not Want to Believe - Mandy Perry




You’re smart and a bit stubborn.

You know better than most of the people around you  and if you don’t do it it doesn’t get done.


Not only that  letting them do it only makes a bigger mess for you and then you have to clean up the mess which is twice the work – SO YOU SAY to yourself.


Could you be open to the possibility that you create that experience and actually people do amazing jobs when they are led right?

Your call.


No one around you gets what you do – it’s lonely because all the times you are brave and fkg make it happen – they don’t know what it REALLY took. There is no one to share the win with – you’re too bright – people can’t handle that. They will take you down with them.


Could you be open to the possibility that there is a huge world of women just waiting to connect with someone as bright, crazy and amazing as you and the only reason you haven’t connected and had the experience of SAME AS is because you choose to believe it doesn’t exist?

Your call.


I can’t go do the things I love because too many people need me. I feel guilty – can’t spend the money and no one else can pick up my slack.


Could you be open to the possibility that YOUR ASS created that dependency because you wanted to be needed – be the top dog, and have the control and that maybe that used to feel good but now it doesn’t and you have all the control to let it grow into teamwork, sharing the burden, and letting others be responsible for themselves> #holdthemasable

Your call.

It’s your life.


You’re BORED.

Life is one big chore.

You don’t belong to that tribe of people.


As you say it is IT IS.


There is no right or wrong – you literally get to choose to believe whatever the hell you want… and you are NEVER wrong for it no matter what anyone says..


And you also get to own the experience you create based on what it is you choose.


If you are not open to the idea that you have the power to change this – I cannot help you. My ideal clients KNOW damn well its on them.

They may feel confused about how to get there.

They may feel guilty and frustrated for not figuring it out.

They may even still make excuses for it – but they can hear me when I say this.

YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE A NEW STORY AND HAVE A NEW EXPERIENCE no fkg matter what has happened … or is happening.


And if you are willing to do the work – you get to have the dream life.
PERIOD end of story.
No other BS is in there – it’s all just procrastination and shenanigans.

See? You are a bad-ass – you can hear that – all the other questions can be worked out, all you need to know is YOU ARE ONE OF US.


And I know you- all you want to do is have the power to take care of the people you love, feel safe, and live a life that truly meant something.. While enjoying the ride.




For today – just smile you bad-ass you.

You have already crossed the point if no return – might as well go all in now.
No chance you can come this far and not go all the way.
You only began this journey because you knew damn well you’d go all the way



Wake up.


Make a difference




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