Dear Mandy... - Mandy Perry

Dear Mandy,


You’ll go through physical, sexual, mental, religious abuse…


You’ll be the welfare girl and the girl with 2 baby daddies…


You’ll struggle with depression, pain and sorrow to the depths of your core…



All of it will fine tune you and strengthen you to break the cycle for many generations. Every new level will prepare you for the next, all for your good to create your longings as reality…



You will live your dream life with a profound sense of purpose and power to help others heal and find their way to dream life as well. ❤️


You in?




Wake up.


Make a difference



PS: We have a live event in Sarasota for the women who are ready to break through the BS, do it together, and get all the results.



* Actual RESULTS from events *

Spontaneous laughter and dance

$0 income to first $10k week

Book out 1:1 practice

Life long friendships and joint ventures

Clarity on who you are & marketing self

Upleveling to a new level of success – mind, body, soul.

Reinspired to do your work

Clarity on purpose


SOUL FED – Sarasota, FL 2018
Aug 25 & 26

Remember how it feels to play, to be together, and then create life from that place?


2 days – limited spots.

A chance to be in the room with my highest level clients and me <3
#YOUBELONG if you’re interested
Only 4 spots left!