>>> I Deny the BS

>>> I DENY THE BS <<<

So should you. 

I am 100% unavailable for the BS
It gets to be easy, fun, and make me feel worthy.

The trials get to be swift and powerful.

The longings get to be met.

My soul gets to be FED.

My needs get to be met.

I was always going to become the one in a million, I am just unavailable for anything less – this was alway the way I was going to be able to help heal ALL THE PAIN AND SUFFERING THAT WAS ON MY RADAR. ~Mandy Perry

Anyone can say they hate drama…. But few will say it from the soul and back it up.

You should and CAN straight up be in total denial – to any belief that knocks you on your ass, scares you, makes you feel small or unworthy.

#nottodaysatan hahahaha
Not today.
Not tomorrow
Not ever


No really- LOVE YOU. ?