➸ The #unfiltered truth - BEAUTY - Mandy Perry

Recently I have been exploring myself.

Truth is- up until now it has not felt safe to try to look pretty/ attractive.

It felt like a sin.
It felt like I would get hurt.
I felt like people would judge me harshly.

And I realized one important thing.
I wasn’t not trying because I didn’t want to
I was not trying because I was scared.

My rule for myself – that I never break – is that I get to be honest – WITH NO JUDGEMENT.

This creates space for me to collaborate with God myself without everyone else’s voices muddying the water.

So … the real question was – do I want to feel attractive?
Do I want to be attractive? Do I want to feel beautiful, pretty…?


Did it feel in alignment with who I wanted to be??

➸ Fear of being hurt
➸ Shame
➸ Slut
➸ Fluzie
➸ Off track with God
➸ You cause women pain when you make them jealous.
➸ It’s your sin if men want you.
➸ DIM your shine girl.
➸ Cover your body.
➸ Ignore your longings.


So they said the Godly, good girl thing to do is to silence my honest, deep longings…

BUT… how that’s working out for you….?

 How do you feel?
 How much FREEDOM and AWE & WONDER do you feel day to day?

 How stifled and alone and sad do you feel?
 How STUCK do you feel?
 How confusing is this whole life of freedom?

The #unfiltered truth is that I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to be attractive.
So if I truly long to be attractive – I’d be straight lying and pretending to be someone I am not.

So I choose to tell the truth and then be brave.

I choose to be honest, and explore it. I choose to let myself see what to feels like – notice I suck at it because I have never done it and keep going. (A year from no this will all seem silly and I will feel comfortable and clear around this)

This is where all the healing happens.
I begin to see the old hauntings, the trauma, the labels, and I get to heal.

The longings weren’t a sin, they weren’t bad.
They are your body’s calling out to you because you are out of alignment with your deepest truth.

It’s safe to be beautiful, and it’s safe to TRY to be beautiful – whatever that looks like for you.

It’s time we all stop judging each other and utting our rules on other people.
It’s time we stop pretending to be people we aren’t.

What do you LONG for, deep inside, that you are not admitting to yourself?
It’s a soft wise voice calling to you – trying to show you what’s available for you.
It’s safe to trust this voice.
I know it can be scary – but it was ALWAYS YOU sister. ❤️

Love you
Mandy x

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