State of Mind and Money BS - Mandy Perry

>> State of MIND & Money BS <<

You can keep doing all the cheap and free programs to try to buy a wealth mindset..
You can ASSUME it.

I know it sounds like straight BS when you are struggling with $.. But I have been there, and now I am here.. So i can tell you with 100% assurance that this is TRUE.

You cannot work your way to wealth unless and UNTIl you assume the mindset.

It’s like trying to tell a 13 year old to understand the depth of a parents love and get them to get it.

You could put them on a webinar, tell them until their blue in the face and even model out for them… but THEY STILL WONT GET IT.

And neither will you.

You will not understand HOW to create wealth until you ASSUME the mindset.

AND…. everyone ignores this.
AND… thats why so many people are broke.

Get pissed or annoyed if you want to but I get to say it because I was the BROKE AF girl.

And I am done holding back on this now – either you are going to finally hear this and do what it takes to OPT IN to this life

Or the tension will build and build an you will get so uncomfortable you will block me out.

DON’T be that girl.
I did it – and wasted a year floundering and struggling.

And THAT’S BAD A^^- most people spend a life- time.
Allll the stories as to why it’s so hard and they can’t or don’t know how.

But you don’t even need to waste a year.
You get to choose to do the REAL work that gets the REAL results NOW.

God will never give you something you don’t believe you deserve to have.
That is overriding free will.

The work is to become the woman that believes she can have her deepest longings.
AND THAT IS WORK, but it’s sooooo dammm worth it <3

Comment below and let me know your thoughts about this – I really want to know!