Spontaneous Wild Woman - Mandy Perry



How many times in your life did you do something spontaneous and it is one of your best memories?


What was behind your spontaneity? What is the part of you that gives you the idea that you took immediate action on? How often do you listen to her?


The part of you that:





Moves mountains







LOVES deeply


What would life be like if you listened to SOUL that way always.

SOUL speak- instant action to back it up…

Brilliant idea – Instant action to back it up

Soul said HELL YES – and you COMMITTED TO IT without hesitation.


How many soulmate friends would you have?

What would your income look like?

What would your sex life be like?

How many clients would you have continuously without having to chase?

What would your kids life look like?

What would your body look like?


What if NO time had to pass for you to step into this woman CONSISTENTlY?


You have the power to choose to be her NOW. You don’t have to prove you’ll always be her to be her – you just get to be her this very waking second.


SO many of my clients wait for proof.
Proof on how to KNOW listening to her will bring to fruition-  the longings they hold deep inside.


And here is what I say – SHE is the evidence.
All of those feelings. Powers and moments are the proof.


BRAVERY and instant action = MASSIVE results, thriving, transformation, legacy, abundance, joy,  FUNNNNNN…..


Your yearnings & longings ARE the roof of her.

You would never be given deep soul longings that you were not able and meant to fulfill.

The fact that we SUFFER when we suppress her is OUR PROOF that listening to her will bring to existence your DREAM life.


The choice is yours.

It’s always been yours.


Today you can see it a little clearer – and you have an opportunity to back yourself – or slip back into the mundane isolative day to day chaos.


Your choice <3






PS: We have 3 spots left for Sarasota retreat this weekend.

Soul FEEDING – life shifting girl time.


* Actual RESULTS from events *

>> Epic money making ideas

>> Actual Joy

>> $0 income to first $10k week

>> Book out 1:1 practice

>> Life long friendships and joint ventures

>> Clarity on who you are & marketing self

>> Up leveling to a new level of success – mind, body, soul.

>> Re inspired to do your work

>> Spontaneous laughter and dance

>> Clarity on purpose


SOUL FED – Sarasota, FL 2018

Aug 25 & 26


>> Get the shit thats stuck on you that’s not meant to be there OFF.

>> Feel deeply connected like “This is how life is meant to be!”

>> Re energized to show up big in life when you get back

>> Creative juices flowing and know damn well you have reached a new level.

Proud of yourself for being willing to do this with others rather than doing it alone.