Your Journey is Your Most Powerful Story - Mandy Perry

Your Journey is Your Most Powerful Story


Every time you compare your journey to someone else’s you DULL your shine

It’s a BS way to try to for life.


If you can see the whole path  it is not your journey.

I am going to teach you how it REALLY feels to

>> Make money being YOU

>> Design a life you freekin love



By the end of this blog you are going to see what is REALLY happening when you are copying, comparing, regurgitating, giving HOW TO’s, & procrastinating.


Maybe it feels hard to have something important to say on cue – but it’s NOT.


Let me break this down for you

  1. When you compare you are not seeing your own path


#1 Satisfaction TIP  

You know when it’s 4pm and you want to go have a glass of wine?

But its Wed and you know that’s silly – so then you’re like – well maybe coffee?


But then you wont sleep.

So you just exhale instead?


THAT feeling right there….

The feeling if dissatisfaction….

Can I get a #YESGIRL in the comments if you know what I mean


Fk that feeling.

It’s unnecessary. It’s so last year (lol) It’s SHAT.


I am going to tell you how to stop feeling that way.

Right now.


First – you finish that exhale.

Then you ask yourself one question and only one question.


If I couldn’t fail…if I couldn’t get it wrong – if I knew I would have GUARANTEED SUCCESS—> What would I change in my life?




I did.

That is all.

The End.


PS: We have a live event in Sarasota for the women who are ready to break through the BS, do it together, and get all the results.

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* Actual RESULTS from events *
>> Joy
>> $0 income to first $10k week
>> Book out 1:1 practice
>> Life long friendships and joint ventures
>> Clarity on who you are & marketing self
>> Up leveling to a new level of success – mind, body, soul.
>> Re inspired to do your work
>> Spontaneous laughter and dance
>> Clarity on purpose

SOUL FED – Sarasota, FL 2018
Aug 25 & 26

>> Get the shit thats stuck on you that’s not meant to be there OFF.
>> Feel deeply connected like “This is how life is meant to be!”
>> re energized to show up big in life when you get back
>> Creative juices flowing and know damn well you have reached a new level.
>> Proud of yourself for being willing to do this with others rather than doing it alone.


PM me for details