You Don't Attract What You WANT - You Attract What You ARE - Mandy Perry

You don’t attract what you WANT – You attract what you ARE


Every whim

Every urge

Every ambition … begins in the depths of your being.


Your life is a sum of the thoughts you think – the way you most often feel – what you believe.


It isn’t the way it is because of luck – it’s the way it is because that’s what you believe it should be.


Your circumstances show you in a concrete way what you believe you are worthy to have.

What you have in the back reveals to you what you believe you are worth in $

Your love life shows you how loveable you believe you are.

Your level of success shows you how much you trust your intrinsic value


On and on this goes.

We know the truth when we hear it.


WISHES WANTS and PRAYERS are only FULFILLED when they are in alignment with your THOUGHTS and ACTIONS.


Arguing that it’s hard to build your business- make $ – be wildly successful is literally arguing against YOURSELF.


It is eating your own shit.


You are fighting hard with your emotions, beliefs and words —> It’s hard to make money.

Then you wonder why it’s hard to make $


You keep this kept protected under lock and key in your heart. —> “I am not worthy, I am bad if I have things, I am a freud, It’s too hard, I’m not one of those lucky people.”


You keep it locked there preserving it – refusing to let it go – and then wonder why your life has been built around it.


You fight and fight to try to overcome it – but never once releasing it.


It is your thoughts that you think day to day that CREATE what you feel – how you feel will cause you to get LIT THE FK UP and shoot for the moon!!!




Sink into your chair – certain that this is not going to work – and take frantic action trying to fight the very thing you refuse to let go of.


This journey to WEALTH and FREEDOM?

It is a journey of improving self – NOT circumstances <3


#worthy #cheerstoself #youcan







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