Why You Aren't A Success Yet - Mandy Perry



Desperate to figure this out?

I get it.


If someone would just show you HOW – you would do it and be wildly successful  OF COURSE!


You’ll do the work – you’ll do whatever they say – you’re the go getter.


So you watch trainings, you do all the things – you make it look fancy – and still can’t understand why you aren’t selling.


Why you aren’t making the $, having the success.


This could be a mystery – IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW SO MUCH DAMN BETTER.


You do know better.

You know dammm well why you haven’t crushed it.


You can name 10 things right now that you KNOW you could be doing to bring your gift to the world and make $.. But you’re not doing them.


Now we are actually getting somewhere. Now we are being a little more honest.

#SOTRUE below if you know what I mean


Who do you know that is doing those things? The things you haven’t shown up for yet.

The person speaking the message you feel called to say but hold back.

The one making the $ you know could be your story too.

The one having all the fun all over the world.


The one living the life you see for yourself….

What have you said to yourself about her?


What do you say when you see her crushing life while you put wine and pretend you don’t know what to do?


Now this is a conversation worth having.

Up until now – you have been willing to do what you have done – and so you get the results you have.

ALL THE WHILE pretending it’s all so confusing and hard- in order to procrastinate doing the REAL SHI^ THAT GETS REAL RESULT. Yes love…. It’s no secret <3


I know… you know…. And now you get to make a decision.


What will your life look like in 10 years if you don’t outgrow this crap?

What will it look like NEXT year if you DO?!!

What support do you get to call in to call your arse to more?

WHAT REALLY HONESTLY TRULY needs to actually happen for you to shift this behavior?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes, within your integrity, to make this happen?

Are you ready to put your butt on the line in a way that you can’t turn back from?

Are you ready to drop the crap story that you don’t know what to do?
If you said no to any of these – I cannot help you.
This life of financial and time freedom isn’t for the faint of heart …


It is for the woman ready to shift gears and change the world – unapologetically.