The One Thing That Sets You Apart... - Mandy Perry


It’s all fine and good to stay the course when things are going well… most people can accomplish that.

Do you know what makes the difference between the people that drop out of Marine Corps boot camp and those who don’t? 
It’s not how fit they are
It’s not how smart they are
It’s not how healthy they are….

It’s one thing.
This one thing is the SAME thing that sets apart the coaches and entrepreneurs that hit 6 & 7 figures and the ones that don’t.

This ONE things is why I made it through boot camp, why I made it as a single mother living off of $400 a week, going to school full time, and working for another family while raising my two kids and doing sports and the whole 9…

And why I am wildly successful as a business & success coach to other entrepreneurs.

This one thing sets you apart in ANYTHING you ever choose to do.

In business, art, fitness, academia, parenting, love…

You can be better, smarter, faster, fitter..
You can be more competitive, LOVE the win, BRAVER…

and it still wont touch this.

Nothing comes even close.

The Finn call it SISU.

Do you have what it takes to challenge and EXCEED your current skills?
Do you know how to STAY THE FKG COURSE?

When the going gets rough and the tension is on.. can you stay the course?

Can you dig your heels in and simply REFUSE to quit?
One more step – one more step – one more step.

If you look at your track record, you have come a long way.
Of course you are going to get there- because you simply never ever quit.
You never give up.
You never stop.

Can you keep going after you fail?
Can you learn from what went right and uplevel what didn’t?
Are you willing to do the work to have this level of GRIT?

You will fail. It wont matter.

You will feel like it’s about to all fall apart.. it wont.

You will curl into a ball and just wish the resistance and the tension would GO THE FK AWAY… and it will.

Are you ready to stomp that foot down to the core of the earth to an unshakable, unmovable place where you know… NO MATTER WHAT COMES YOUR WAY – YOU WILL NOT BE MOVED.


and just keep deciding it’s YOURS UNTIL IT IS.
The in-between?
The Gap?
The space between where you are and where you want to be?

That’s where SHEER NEVER GIVE UP comes in.

That is the whole point.
Everyone else will drop off – hit their breaking point – choose to go another way – and that’s ok.

There are no shoulds and no rules – EVERYONE gets to do what feels expansive for them…

But if you want to know how to be the one that makes it…

Put your butt in an arena where you are required to grow and then JUST DON’T QUIT.

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You ready to cut the BS and really do this?
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