Still Not Showing Up to Sell? (Here's Why...) - Mandy Perry

(here’s why)

If you are doing this whole build your coaching / entrepreneur business CORRECTLY – you will get rejected DAILY, HOURLY, MOMENT BY MOMENT. (or so it feels)

When you see it for what it is, it makes sense that coaches are terrified to sell daily.

If you are terrified to be rejected, and to feel that sting..
If you don’t trust how you will respond to it..

You will make up this cute story about how
– you don’t know HOW
– you don’t know what your core message is
– don’t know who your soul client is
– don’t know what price you could be at
– don’t know how to get to that next level ($10k, $30k, $60k, $100k months)
– money and people with $ are bad
– focusing in $ or success is bad
etc etc etc

ALLL the crap we tell ourselves just to avoid what feels like rejection, and then seeing how messy we are when we feel hurt or scared.

All you needed to do was learn to get your arse past the place of FEAR about what it will feel like and it just becomes no big deal ,just part of the journey..

Can we call a spade a spade and then make smart decisions that actually CHANGE the dial in your business/ life/ success?

What if right beyond this crap is where ALLLL the rewards, success, fun, travel, FREEDOM, and thingssss are?

Do you have the courage to step into it?
Do you know WHY the f you are doing this anyways?
Do you have a purpose so deep that you are PULLED forward by it?
Can you see your dream life so clear that you KNOW it’s yours??
Are you willing to do the work to have this?


I genuinely believe there is no right or wrong.
You get to do what EXPANDS YOU… not what someone else is doing.

The important part is to OWN what you truly LONG for   and then STEPPING into it with both feet.




4 weeks – Cut through all the crap and get the results NOW

 What if you could wake up every single day PROUD of how you showed up yesterday, over the moon excited about the possibilities for today, and CONFIDENT that you are living to your fullest potential?

 What if every single day just got better and better – and as you earned more, you had more and more time freedom.

 What if you could shift your income, your results, how you feel, how you show up daily and the level of followers, clients and engagement that you have INSTANTLY?

 What if you were allowed to say screw the rules, the limitations and SMALLNESS that’s been holding you back up until now?

 What if you KNEW in the core of your being that you were CAPABLE of ANYTHING you ever longed for and you woke up each day KNOWING this, and making all of your life choices based on this deep knowing?

 What if you could outgrow your old self every day – and the expansions just never stopped? What if you could GIGGLE with AWE and excitement at how EPIC your life is every single day??

 What if – starting right this moment you ACKNOWLEDGED that you knew something was terribly wrong when life wasn’t this way- and that you were always meant to have wealth, freedom and JOY.

I am so OVER THE TOP excited to bring you this – I am not even sure that I can explain the EPICNESS of it – but I will do my best to capture it for you…

As you may know, I have gotten faster results than almost anyone. Normal everyday – moderately screwed up small town girl – nannying and making $400 a week for 10 years → Half million dollar business in 2 years… on track for 7 figures.

THAT’S UPLEVELED ON COMMAND – Now it’s your turn

Shift NOW and go from 6 to Multi 6/7 figures while cutting your hours in HALF

Shift into the high end expert – charging 100% more for your services THAT TAKE NO MORE THAN AN HOUR TO CREATE AND DELIVER! (I do this every week)

New clients EFFORTLESSLY – Y’all see me do this daily, my 1:1 packages sell out in SECONDS. Do this while being in integrity and heart centered.

Too many people will spend year after year checking all the crap off their list – crushing life- hitting goals… and NEVER learn to TRULY ENJOY it

Not us.

This group is not for those who think someone else is going to do the work for you – We are in this with you every step – but this is for you if YOU are ready to step up.

No more time passing
No more excuses
No more hitting that same freekin’ wall over and over.

I get results for my clients, and I only work with people who are ready to RECEIVE massive abundance.

EVERYONE gets a POWERFUL INTERVENTION for your old patterns – and learn from everyone elses (Be a BOSS and absorb the skill of doing this as you work though your own limitations)

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FULL access daily to Mandy via messenger #allin
You will get deep transformation and FINALLY UNDERSTAND WHY you haven’t broken through to the next level yet

You will reset this into the new way of being – THIS IS THE NEW LEVEL

Reset your mindset with money and success – and BACK IT UP 100% (This will feel different than anything you have ever felt. It will finally be TANGIBLE. YOU WILL KNOW.


I will call your butt to the highest level – the top 1%
* POSITIONING at this new level
* How to receive your TRUE WORTH
* UPLEVEL your offer
* Creating powerful content from soul – Always have powerful content to say – be inspired, and then become EVER PRESENT on the internet – 10x style
* Just when you think it couldn’t get any better – we will 10x it again!

AND OF COURSE – all while having the time of your life, BEING YOU, and doing what lights your soul.

No struggle, confusion, wasted time and BS striving. Just 100% aligned power moves rooted in the depth of your WISEST self.

Confident in your worth
So proud of yourself and everything you accomplished – YOU FKG DID IT!!

OWNING YOUR POSITION as the expert/ the visionary, the LEADER

Showing up in the ENERGY that is magnetic and draws your clients to you

DECIDING what your goal is and then TRULY backing it the fk up

Knowing of course you are going to make it happen, PERIOD. End of story.

Accessing and creating from the wisest most powerful parts of you ON COMMAND

INSTANT results visibility, income, happiness, appeal, FREEDOM..

Live in the BUZZZZZ of living life on purpose and ON your terms

Being KNOWN, LIKED, Followed, SEEN, and LOVED by the MASSES that you are meant to lead

Live in a true deep sense of purpose and FLOW – knowing you are healing the world, leaving your legacy and have the POWER to take care of the ones you love.

Regular people will obviously not understand how this is possible – BUT YOU DO. You know when you shift the BS on the surface and access the deepest wells within you and live from the place of ABUNDANCE knowing OF COURSE you are going to make it – as all the the UNIVERSE is aligning to have your back and SHOW up on your behalf for your good…

And that you were intrinsically born WORTHY of creating the life you long for..
You wouldn’t have began this journey if you didn’t KNOW you were of course gong to make it all the way to the top.

You wouldn’t have the longing for the life you have if you didn’t have EVERYTHING you ever needed to make it happen.

You already knew.
You are ready now.
You get to say yes and CHOOSE IT.

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