The Things You Do to Sabotage Your Own Happiness and Success - Mandy Perry


You’re smart enough to know that it feels hard to go through tough times.

It takes heart. It takes grit.
It takes remembering that this too shall pass…

But have you yet noticed that you also can find it hard to be truly happy??

Like the moments when someone else is trying to make amends and you just want to stay mad – so you keep bitchhhin

Like the 2nd week in a row that you’re eating and working out is on point so you then OVER COMMIT to a bunch of crap.

Like the moment you see how amazing life with mentors and like-minded friends would be – and then you pretend it’s not time yet.

Like the moment you crushed life for a month – and then you decide it’s time for a new mentor/ boyfriend / routine and communicate poorly and run.

Like the moment you speak up – SAY your truth and then go stalk other online people and then use their voice so certain yours wont be as powerful.

Like the moment you figure out that you are a bad-ass and could free up 70% of your time and double your income by running groups — and then proceed to book 10 more 1:1 clients (lol)

Like when you say goodbye to the person whose season is done in your life KNOWING that there is so much joy to be had in your life on the other side… and then you call them and say you want them back.

We are silly people.

You willing to do the REAL work that everyone ignores so you can have REAL JOY & HAPPINESS?

1. What boundaries do you need to set?
2. Get clear what truly matters to you then choose to make aligned decisions (PERIOD)
3. COMMUNICATE – openly and transparently (I rock this)
4. How many people do you have in your life telling you to FKG DOOO ITTTT!!!! GO FOR IT!!!!!
5. Am I creating in integrity? Am I leading or regurgitating?
6. Will 90 year old you be proud of who you are CHOOSING to be today?

I get to be mad – I deserve to be upset – (EW)

I deserve to be wildly amazingly happy !!!!!!!
I get to work 10 hours a week and make millions
I get to have romance love and PASSION
I get to travel the world & have happy kids!!! (BIG ONE lol)
I get to do life with people I HAVE FUN with
Everything that happens gets to be for my good

Today – I choose to be HAPPY – and then take bold brave action to back that up.

And sister (and the occasional bad ass man)- I get it.. it’s easy to read this and ignre it.

I walk my talk – I do this work every single day.
I have the tough convo
Take the brave leap
REDO the mistakes – go again
and again and again…

You can do this.
When is a good time to decide you’re allowed to be happy??

#happy #bosslady


(Photo is from a retreat in Maui for my clients – Can’t wait until DEC for the next one!! eek! )


PS: WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!
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For EPIC leaders ready to stop working for a paycheck and begin building their dream life

It’s FINALLY here! I have been asked to teach this ever since I created Accelerated Coaching Academy.

Just 6 months into launching my coaching business I ran my first group and made $40k (ACA Jan group)

>> You do not have to trade time for $

>> People will not drop off when you scale to groups or BEGIN with groups right out the gate.

Clients get 10x the value in GROUPS than in 1:1 (not that 1:1’s are bad – I still do them as well) because we are meant to do life TOGETHER and everyone learns from each other.

Week 1:
How to name, price and create your group
How to make it super valuable
How to choose names that sell
How to create all the content in a FUN POWERFUL AND EASY WAY!
How to create workbooks (so easy)
How to create meditations etc (meditation included)
How to create graphic for the group
All the little details of preparing it

Week 2:
How to SELL your group WITH Excitement, soul and PURPOSE.
Literal step by step breakdown of launching the group (workbook included)
What to do when you’re freaking out because no one has purchased (and shift so you DO sell out)
What to do when only one person is in lol

Week 3:
How to create safety in the group
How to be the LEADER in the group when people get bossy
How to keep the VIBE high

Week 4:
How to sell multiple offers at once (including 1:1/ events)
How long to sell a group for
How to schedule your business to launch groups rapid fire and keep it super easy

You get to LOVE your work
You get to allow people to pay you to have access to your wisdom & energy
You are ALREADY good enough to run groups.
You are ALREADY worthy for high compensation for your work


As we go through this journey to uplevel, to show up and to SERVE the people we are meant to heal… there is only one question to ask yourself..

What would SOUL have me do?
What would fear have me do.
Then you get to be really really honest.

Do you believe you can have a life of freedom, joy, travel, bliss, and FUN?
Do you believe that you can be used for the good of all?
Are you willing to show up and ALLOW?

BONUS for FIRST 10 people!
POWERFUL Meditation for when you are freaking out

Course BEGINS Sep 20, 2018

>> Every training will be LIVE in the private group with Q&A time

>> It will all be recorded and available on your membership site

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