If You Have Been Making Excuses - You Will Be Exposed - Mandy Perry


If you have been making excuses… you will be exposed. I swear sometimes I long to be a kid again with my dominant mother telling me what to do every second of my life…

or to go back to Marine corps boot camp… drill instructors screaming at me every morning and all day – GO HARDER.. DO IT AGAIN.. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION…

and maybe that’s why I have had the unusual level of success so fast…

I have been the mother having to protect my child – the depth I realized the well of love goes in that moment is overwhelming and astonishing.

I’ve been pushed past anything resembling a breaking point, only to laugh in shock of how much further I could go.. carrying 2 humans through water – full gear with a man trying to drown me.

I’ve been controlled, beaten, tossed aside, and broken… and still.. here I am.

HERE YOU ARE SISTER… here you are.

Yet you worry that if you put your ass on the line and GO ALL IN you will fail??
I call BS
Excuses & BS

And when you get around people like me – your BS doesn’t fly. Your excuses will be exposed – and DOESN’T IT FEEL SO DAMN GOOD!!!

Yes, I know it also causes tension.. but what would you be doing if you weren’t showing up big and crushing life.. working through the mess??

That’s what lol

So, what are the real options here?
Excuses VS ALL IN.

You can keep circling around – dabbling with the free things – saying “soon” I will jump in..

–> You can blame other coaches for your lack of success – (BLAH)
–> Pretend you just can’t afford it
–> Run your excuses to all the normal people that buy into it
–> Hide the drinking
–> Binge on that chocolate chips and Netflix (#human)

Or you can get close to the people and things that EXPOSE the excuses and BS 

And yes – you are totally bad ass for choosing this –
Yes – it totally makes you super human.
Yes – I needed someone to tell me the same thing.
Yes – You are right on track.
You ARE going to make it
You are GOING to make it
YOU are going to MAKE it




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