If Einstein Said It... - Mandy Perry


I hear all this rumblings around about not going too fast in your business and how you should wait until you can afford it before you invest –

How you need to serve rather than talk about $
How weathy people are superficial

And I’m not going to lie… it got to me for a brief second.. Am I out of integrity?

Do I only care about $?
Is my heart to serve or am I just kidding myself and Im in it to win it only…

A RAGE of clarity like a dam breaking loose washed over me…

I COULD NOT POSSIBLE CARE MORE ABOUT healing, serving and creating a safe space for the few people who are willing to show up and do THIS level of transformation.

It’s not possible to care more.

I will talk about $ and I will talk about scarecity and judgement because THAT IS WHAT HOLDS EVERYONE BACK.

Notice how triggered and dramatic everyine gets about investing, selling, and money???

If you believe it’s bad to be wealthy, to sell, to speak your true voice and to call your audiences asses to more – HOW COULD YOU EVER BECOME the woman it took to do so?

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” -ALBERT EINSTEIN

Literally evrything in the entire UNIVERSE back this up.

If you buy into the bull that you have to be ONE thing in order to be heart centered and in integrity…

If you buy into the story that you hav to wait until there is proof that you will be successful…

If you wait until you are clear and everyone else thinks it’s a good idea… YOU WILL STAY BROKE OR UNHAPPY.

Is what it is y’all.

The only thing that you ever needed was to be HONEST with yourself what you LONG for, deep in your soul?

What is the vision you have for yourself?

And what brave leap do you feel called to do TODAY to back yourself?

The rest can kick rocks.
Broken, sad rocks lol

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