Stop Letting Them Use Their "Humility" to Keep You Stuck - Mandy Perry


For years I have watched people hold others back.
I watched silently and learned.

I watch the methodical way someone who is not living their purpose lines up their words, and shows you how they are just trying to help.

and I know they believe they are trying to help.
It’s false humility.

It’s selfish, fear-based, lack and scarcity.
And we can forgive this yes?
Simple. DONE.

Forgive, and let it go..
BECAUSE You have important shit to do.

BIG, world changing shit to do.

I want you to see this because it will really help you break free of fear if you do.

They guilt trip you
Making you feel bad for doing what you want to do
Tell you you’re not being resonable
They tell you all the reasons you wont be able to do accomplish your dreams

They demand your time
They drain your energy with sad ways

They tell you be careful, watch out for this bad thing and that bad thing.

They tell you how those wealthy people are shallow and bad
How the coaches who tell their income only care about money and things.

They bash others to make themselves look good.
They make you feel bad about yourself.

And really… it’s ok ..
let them keep on keepin on.

You just get to cut that chord.
You get to dismiss, brush off and IGNORE that BS

You get to see it for what it is.
It is others, not living in their true power, triggered by you living in yours… trying to make themselves comfy in your presence.

And I promise you this sister…
YOU WILL NOT BE ALONE when you outgrow them.
You will not have to disown, you will simly strengthen to the place where you will always call them to more instead of them taking you down for even a brief second.

You will bring such a presence of hope – and an air of UNAVAILABILITY for the BS that the relationships will be REQUIRED to change.

And only healing can come from this.
We don’t have to change them.. we never have to change anyone – but US.

AND YOU have the power to do that.
AND you also have the choice to create boundaries with the people who are “humbly” bashing others or suffocating you.

I said it.
Because I love you enough to say it.



As we go through this journey to uplevel, to show up and to SERVE the people we are meant to heal… there is only two questions to ask yourself..

What would SOUL have me do? What would fear have me do?

Then you get to be really really honest.

Do you believe you can have a life of freedom, joy, travel, bliss, and FUN?
Do you believe that you can be used for the good of all?
Are you willing to show up and ALLOW?

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